Port List by country name starting with I

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Ampenan IDAMP Feeder Port  Mataram Port Indonesia
Ambon IDAMQ Feeder Port  Ambon City Port Indonesia
Ardjuna Terminal IDART Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Banjarmasin IDBAN Feeder Port  Banjarmasin City Port Indonesia
Batam IDBAT   Batam City Port Indonesia
Bandung IDBDO  Dry Port Bandung City Port Indonesia
Benete IDBEN Feeder Port  Benete City Port Indonesia
Bitung IDBIT Feeder Port  Bitung City Port Indonesia
Banyuwangi IDBJU Feeder Port  Banyuwangi City Port Indonesia
Bekasi IDBKA  Dry Port Bekasi City Port Indonesia
Bengkalis IDBLS Feeder Port  Bengkalis City Port Indonesia
Bengkulu IDBLU Feeder Port  Bengkulu City Port Indonesia
Belawan IDBLWMain Port   Belawan City Port Indonesia
Bima IDBMA Feeder Port  Bima City Port Indonesia
Benoa IDBNA Feeder Port  Denpasar Port Indonesia
Balikpapan IDBPN Feeder Port  Balikpapan City Port Indonesia
Buleleng IDBUL Feeder Port  Buleleng City Port Indonesia
Cengkareng IDCEN   Jakarta Port Indonesia
Cigading IDCIG Feeder Port  Cilegon Port Indonesia
Cirebon IDCIR Feeder Port  Cirebon City Port Indonesia
Cikarang IDCKR  Dry Port Cikarang City Port Indonesia
Cinta Terminal IDCTT Feeder Port  Garut Port Indonesia
Cilacap IDCXP Feeder Port  Cilacap City Port Indonesia
Dabo IDDAB Feeder Port  Lingga Islands Port Indonesia
Jambi IDDJB Feeder Port  Jambi City Port Indonesia
Jayapura IDDJJ Feeder Port  Djayapura City Port Indonesia
Donggala IDDON Feeder Port  Donggala City Port Indonesia
Dumai IDDUM Feeder Port  Dumai City Port Indonesia
Fak Fak IDFAK Feeder Port  Fak Fak City Port Indonesia
Gorontalo IDGOR Feeder Port  Gorontalo City Port Indonesia
Gresik IDGRE Feeder Port  Gresik City Port Indonesia
Gunung Sitoli IDGSI Feeder Port  Gunung Sitoli City Port Indonesia
Jakarta IDJKTMain Port   Jakarta City Port Indonesia
Jakarta UTC2 IDJUT Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Kabil IDKAB Feeder Port  Batam Port Indonesia
Kalianget IDKAL Feeder Port  Kalianget City Port Indonesia
Kasim IDKAS Feeder Port  Kasim City Port Indonesia
Kota Baru IDKBU Feeder Port  Kotabaru City Port Indonesia
Kendari IDKDI Feeder Port  Kendari City Port Indonesia
Ketapang IDKET Feeder Port  Ketapang City Port Indonesia
Kupang IDKOE Feeder Port  Kupang City Port Indonesia
Kumai IDKUM Feeder Port  Kumai City Port Indonesia
Luwuk IDLUW Feeder Port  Luwuk City Port Indonesia
Makassar IDMAK Feeder Port  Makassar City Port Indonesia
Malili IDMAL  Dry Port Malili City Port Indonesia
Manokwari IDMAN Feeder Port  Manokwari City Port Indonesia
Manado IDMDC Feeder Port  Manado City Port Indonesia
Merauke IDMER Feeder Port  Merauke City Port Indonesia
Medan IDMES Feeder Port  Medan City Port Indonesia
Meulaboh IDMEU Feeder Port  Meulaboh City Port Indonesia
Merak IDMRK Feeder Port  Merak City Port Indonesia
Muntok IDMUN Feeder Port  Muntok City Port Indonesia
Jakarta NPCT IDNPC Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Palu IDPAL Feeder Port  Palu City Port Indonesia
Panarukan IDPAN  Dry Port Panarukan City Port Indonesia
Parepare IDPAR Feeder Port  Parepare City Port Indonesia
Pasaruan IDPAS Feeder Port  Pasaruan City Port Indonesia
Pangkal Balam IDPBM Feeder Port  Pangkal Pinang City Port Indonesia
Padang IDPDG Feeder Port  Padang City Port Indonesia
Pekanbaru IDPEK  Dry Port Pekanbaru City Port Indonesia
Pekalongan IDPEX Feeder Port  Pekalongan City Port Indonesia
Pangkalan Susu IDPKS Feeder Port  Pangkalan Susu City Port Indonesia
Palembang IDPLM Feeder Port  Palembang City Port Indonesia
Panjang IDPNJ Feeder Port  Bandar Lampung Port Indonesia
Pontianak IDPNK  Dry Port Pontianak City Port Indonesia
Pomalaa IDPOM Feeder Port  Pomalaa City Port Indonesia
Poso IDPOS Feeder Port  Poso City Port Indonesia
Pangkal Pinang IDPPG Feeder Port  Pangkal Pinang City Port Indonesia
Probolinggo IDPRO Feeder Port  Probolinggo City Port Indonesia
Pulau Sambu IDPSA Feeder Port  Pulau Sambu City Port Indonesia
Perawang IDPWG  Dry Port Pekanbaru Port Indonesia
Salawati IDSAL Feeder Port  Salawati City Port Indonesia
Samarinda IDSAM Feeder Port  Samarinda City Port Indonesia
Santan Terminal IDSAT Feeder Port  Bontang Port Indonesia
Sabang IDSBG Feeder Port  Sabang City Port Indonesia
Sibolga IDSIB Feeder Port  Sibolga City Port Indonesia
Senipah Terminal IDSNT Feeder Port  Balikpapan Port Indonesia
Sorong IDSOR Feeder Port  Sorong City Port Indonesia
Sungei Pakning IDSPA Feeder Port  Bengkalis Port Indonesia
Sampit IDSPT  Dry Port Sampit City Port Indonesia
Semarang IDSRGMain Port   Semarang City Port Indonesia
Surabaya IDSUBMain Port   Surabaya City Port Indonesia
Tanjunguban IDTAN Feeder Port  Tanjunguban City Port Indonesia
Tuban IDTBN Feeder Port  Tuban City Port Indonesia
Telukbayur IDTBR Feeder Port  Padang Port Indonesia
Tegal IDTEG Feeder Port  Tegal City Port Indonesia
Telukbetung(Bandar Lampung) IDTEL Feeder Port  Bandar Lampung City Port Indonesia
Tembilahan IDTEM Feeder Port  Tembilahan City Port Indonesia
Tanjung Pandan IDTJQ Feeder Port  Tanjung Pandan City Port Indonesia
Tanjung Pinang IDTNJ Feeder Port  Tanjung Pinang City Port Indonesia
Tolitoli IDTOL Feeder Port  Tolitoli City Port Indonesia
Tanjung Priok IDTPR Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Tarahan IDTRH Feeder Port  Tarahan City Port Indonesia
Tarakan IDTRK Feeder Port  Tarakan City Port Indonesia
Ternate IDTTE Feeder Port  Ternate City Port Indonesia
Ujung Pandang(Kota Makassar) IDUPG Feeder Port  Makassar City Port Indonesia
Jakarta UTC1 IDUTC Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Jakarta UTC3 IDUTE Feeder Port  Jakarta Port Indonesia
Arklow IEARK Feeder Port  Arklow City Port Ireland
Ballina IEBLL Feeder Port  Ballina City Port Ireland
Burtonport IEBUP Feeder Port  Burtonport City Port Ireland
Bantry IEBYT Feeder Port  Bantry City Port Ireland
Castletown Bearhaven IECAB   Castletown Bearhaven City Port Ireland
Clarecastle IECLA Feeder Port  Clarecastle City Port Ireland
Cobh IECOB Feeder Port  Cobh City Port Ireland
Dundalk IEDDK Feeder Port  Dundalk City Port Ireland
Dun Laoghaire IEDLG Feeder Port  Dun Laoghaire City Port Ireland
Donegal IEDON  Dry Port Donegal City Port Ireland
Droghead IEDRO Feeder Port  Drogheda City Port Ireland
Dublin IEDUB Feeder Port  Dublin City Port Ireland
Dunmore East IEDUN Feeder Port  Dunmore East City Port Ireland
Dungarvan IEDVN Feeder Port  Dungarvan City Port Ireland
Duncannon IEECN Feeder Port  Duncannon City Port Ireland
Fenit IEFNT Feeder Port  Fenit City Port Ireland
Foynes IEFOV Feeder Port  Foynes City Port Ireland
Greenore IEGRE Feeder Port  Greenore City Port Ireland
Galway IEGWY Feeder Port  Galway City Port Ireland
Howth IEHOW Feeder Port  Howth City Port Ireland
Killybegs IEKGS Feeder Port  Killybegs City Port Ireland
Kilronan IEKIL Feeder Port  Kilronan City Port Ireland
Kinsale IEKIN Feeder Port  Kinsale City Port Ireland
Killala IEKLA Feeder Port  Killala City Port Ireland
Kilrush IEKSH Feeder Port  Kilrush City Port Ireland
Limerick IELMK Feeder Port  Limerick City Port Ireland
Moville IEMOV Feeder Port  Moville City Port Ireland
New Ross IENRS  Dry Port New Ross City Port Ireland
Cork IEORK Feeder Port  Cork City Port Ireland
Rathmullan IERAT Feeder Port  Rathmullan City Port Ireland
Rosslare IEROS Feeder Port  Rosslare City Port Ireland
Sligo IESLI Feeder Port  Sligo City Port Ireland
Tralee IETRA Feeder Port  Tralee City Port Ireland
Waterford IEWAT Feeder Port  Waterford City Port Ireland
Wexford IEWEX Feeder Port  Wexford City Port Ireland
Wicklow IEWIC Feeder Port  Wicklow City Port Ireland
Youghal IEYOU Feeder Port  Youghal City Port Ireland
Acre ILACR   Acre City Port Israel
Ashkelon ILAKL Feeder Port  Ashkelon City Port Israel
Ashdod ILASHMain Port   Ashdod City Port Israel
Eilat ILETH Feeder Port  Eilat City Port Israel
Hadera ILHAD Feeder Port  Hadera City Port Israel
Haifa ILHFA Feeder Port  Haifa City Port Israel
Jaffa ILJFA Feeder Port  Jaffa City Port Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo ILTLV Feeder Port  Tel Aviv-Yafo City Port Israel
Icd Agra INAGR  Dry Port Agra City Port India
Ankleshwar INAKV Feeder Port  Ankleshwar City Port India
Alleppey INALL Feeder Port  Alleppey City Port India
Ahmedabad INAMD  Dry Port Ahmedabad City Port India
Icd Aurangabad INAUR  Dry Port Aurangabad City Port India
Icd Baroda INBAR  Dry Port Vadodara City Port India
Bedi INBED Feeder Port  Jamnagar Port India
Belekeri INBEL Feeder Port  Belekeri City Port India
Bheemunipatnam INBHE Feeder Port  Bheemunipatnam City Port India
Bhind INBHN  Dry Port Bhind City Port India
Bhopal INBHO  Dry Port Bhopal City Port India
Bhavnagar INBHU Feeder Port  Bhavnagar City Port India
Bangalore INBLR  Dry Port Bengaluru City Port India
Mumbai INBOMMain Port   Mumbai City Port India
Bhusawal INBSL  Dry Port Bhusawal City Port India
Calingapatnam INCAM Feeder Port  Calingapatnam City Port India
Kannur INCAN Feeder Port  Kannur City Port India
Kozhikode INCCT Feeder Port  Kozhikode City Port India
Kolkata INCCUMain Port   Kolkata City Port India
Icd Chinchwad INCCW  Dry Port Pune Port India
Icd Coimbatore INCOI  Dry Port Coimbatore City Port India
Kochin INCOKMain Port   Cochin City Port India
Colachel INCOL Feeder Port  Colachel City Port India
Kundapura INCOO Feeder Port  Kundapura City Port India
Cuddalore INCUD Feeder Port  Cuddalore City Port India
Dadri INDAD  Dry Port Dadri City Port India
Dahej INDAH Feeder Port  Bharuch Port India
Icd Dashrath INDAS  Dry Port Vadodara Port India
New Delhi INDEL  Dry Port New Delhi City Port India
Icd Dhandrikalan INDHA  Dry Port Ludhiana Port India
Icd Dighi INDIG  Dry Port Pune Port India
Diu INDIU Feeder Port  Diu City Port India
Dappar INDPR  Dry Port Dappar City Port India
Durgapur INDUR  Dry Port Durgapur City Port India
Dwarka INDWA   Dwarka City Port India
Ennore INENR Feeder Port  Chennai Port India
Ennore INENR Feeder Port  Chennai Port India
New Delhi(F)/Icd Faridabad INFBD  Dry Port New Delhi Port India
Guwahati INGAW  Dry Port Guwahati City Port India
Gurgaon INGGN  Dry Port Gurgaon City Port India
Icd Ghari Hararu INGHA  Dry Port Osmanabad Port India
Gopalpur INGOP Feeder Port  Gopalpur City Port India
Guntur INGTR  Dry Port Guntur City Port India
Icd Gwalior INGWR  Dry Port Gwalior City Port India
Ghaziabad INGZB  Dry Port Ghaziabad City Port India
Icd Garhi Harsaru INHAR  Dry Port Gurgaon Port India
Haldia INHDA Feeder Port  Haldia City Port India
Honavar INHON Feeder Port  Honavar City Port India
Hyderabad INHYD  Dry Port Hyderabad City Port India
Hazira INHZA Feeder Port  Hazira City Port India
Indore INIDR  Dry Port Indore City Port India
Mangalore INIXE Feeder Port  Mangalore City Port India
Jammu INIXJ  Dry Port Jammu City Port India
Madurai INIXM  Dry Port Madurai City Port India
Kandla INIXY Feeder Port  Kandla City Port India
Port Blair INIXZ Feeder Port  Port Blair City Port India
Jafarabad INJAF Feeder Port  Jafarabad City Port India
Jakhau INJAK Feeder Port  Jakhau City Port India
Jawaharlal Nehru INJAW Feeder Port  Navi Mumbai Port India
Jamjodhpur INJDG Feeder Port  Jamjodhpur City Port India
Icd Jodhpur INJDP  Dry Port Jodhpur City Port India
Jaipur INJPR  Dry Port Jaipur City Port India
Kakinada INKAK Feeder Port  Kakinada City Port India
Icd Kanakpura INKAN  Dry Port Jaipur Port India
Karwar INKAR Feeder Port  Karwar City Port India
Kattupalli INKATMain Port   Chennai Port India
Kattupalli INKATMain Port   Chennai Port India
Dhar INKHD  Dry Port Dhar City Port India
Khodiyar INKHO  Dry Port Ahmedabad Port India
Kanpur INKPR  Dry Port Kanpur City Port India
Krishnapatnam INKRI Feeder Port  Krishnapatnam City Port India
Karaikal INKRK Feeder Port  Karaikal City Port India
Kota INKTU Feeder Port  Kota City Port India
New Delhi(K)/Icd Kundli INKUN  Dry Port Sonipat Port India
Loni INLON  Dry Port Ghaziabad City Port India
Ludhiana INLUD  Dry Port Ludhiana City Port India
Chennai INMAAMain Port   Chennai City Port India
Machilipatnam INMAC Feeder Port  Machilipatnam City Port India
Madras(Chennai) INMADMain Port   Chennai City Port India
Malpe INMAL Feeder Port  Malpe City Port India
Allahabad INMBS  Dry Port Allahabad City Port India
Icd Maliwada INMLD  Dry Port Aurangabad Port India
Mandideep INMNP  Dry Port Mandideep City Port India
Icd Moradabad INMRD  Dry Port Moradabad City Port India
Mangrol INMRL Feeder Port  Mangrol City Port India
Mormugao INMRM Feeder Port  Mormugao City Port India
Icd Mulund INMUL  Dry Port Mumbai Port India
Mundra INMUNMain Port   Mundra City Port India
Mandvi INMVI Feeder Port  Mandvi City Port India
Icd Nasik INNAS  Dry Port Nasik City Port India
Navlakhi INNAV Feeder Port  Navlakhi City Port India
New Mangalore INNML Feeder Port  New Mangalore City Port India
Icd Nagpur INNPR  Dry Port Nagpur City Port India
Nagappattinam INNPT Feeder Port  Nagappattinam City Port India
New Tuticorin INNTU Feeder Port  Toothukudi Port India
Nhava Sheva INNXVMain Port   Navi Mumbai Port India
Pamban INPAM   Pamban City Port India
Porbandar INPBD Feeder Port  Porbandar City Port India
Piyala INPBH  Dry Port Ballabhgarh Port India
Pipavav INPIPMain Port   Rajula Port India
Icd Pithampur INPIT  Dry Port Indore Port India
Panjim INPJM Feeder Port  Panjim City Port India
Panipat INPNI  Dry Port Panipat City Port India
Port Okha INPOK Feeder Port  Okha City Port India
Pondicherry INPON Feeder Port  Pondicherry City Port India
New Delhi(P)/Icd Patparganj INPPG  Dry Port New Delhi Port India
Icd Pune Pimpri INPPI  Dry Port Pune Port India
Paradip Garh INPRT Feeder Port  Paradeep Port India
Patli INPTL  Dry Port Patli City Port India
Quilon INQUI Feeder Port  Quilon City Port India
Raisen INRAI  Dry Port Raisen City Port India
Rajkot INRAJ  Dry Port Rajkot City Port India
Ratnagiri INRAT Feeder Port  Ratnagiri City Port India
Redi INRED Feeder Port  Redi City Port India
Raipur INRPR  Dry Port Raipur City Port India
Icd Rewari INRRI  Dry Port Rewari City Port India
Ratlam INRTM  Dry Port Ratlam City Port India
Icd Sachin INSAC  Dry Port Surat Port India
Salaya INSAL  Dry Port Salaya City Port India
Sikka INSIK Feeder Port  Sikka City Port India
Surajpur INSJP  Dry Port Surajpur City Port India
Greater Noida INSJR  Dry Port Greater Noida City Port India
Sonipat INSON  Dry Port Sonipat City Port India
Surat INSUR Feeder Port  Surat City Port India
Sahnewal INSWA  Dry Port Sahnewal City Port India
Salem INSXT  Dry Port Salem City Port India
Thalassery(Tellicherry) INTEL Feeder Port  Thalassery City Port India
Theni INTHE  Dry Port Theni City Port India
New Delhi(T)/Icd Tughlakabad INTKD  Dry Port New Delhi Port India
Thimmapur INTMX Feeder Port  Thimmapur City Port India
Thiruvananthapuram INTRI Feeder Port  Thiruvananthapuram City Port India
Tarapur INTRP Feeder Port  Tarapur City Port India
Tiruppur INTUP  Dry Port Tiruppur City Port India
Tuticorin INTUT Feeder Port  Toothukudi City Port India
Vengurla INVEN Feeder Port  Vengurla City Port India
Veraval INVER Feeder Port  Veraval City Port India
Varanasi INVNS  Dry Port Varanasi City Port India
Visakhapatnam INVTZMain Port   Visakhapatnam City Port India
Waluj INWAL  Dry Port Waluj City Port India
Baghdad IQBGW  Dry Port Baghdad City Port Iraq
Basra IQBSR Feeder Port  Basrah City Port Iraq
Fao IQFAO Feeder Port  Fao City Port Iraq
Khor Al Amaya IQKAA Feeder Port  Al Faw Port Iraq
Khor al Zubair IQKAZ Feeder Port  Khor al Zubair City Port Iraq
Umm Qasr(N) IQUQNMain Port   Umm Qasr Port Iraq
Umm Qasr IQUQRMain Port   Umm Qasr City Port Iraq
Umm Qasr(S) IQUQSMain Port   Umm Qasr Port Iraq
Abadan IRABD Feeder Port  Abadan City Port Iran
Asaluyeh IRASA Feeder Port  Asaluyeh City Port Iran
Bandar Assaluyeh IRBAY Feeder Port  Asaloyeh Port Iran
Bandar Anzali IRBAZ Feeder Port  Bandar Anzali City Port Iran
Bandar Imam Khomeini IRBKH Feeder Port  Bandar Khomeini Port Iran
Bandar Khomeini IRBKM Feeder Port  Bandar Khomeini City Port Iran
Bandar Abbas IRBNDMain Port   Bandar Abbas City Port Iran
Bushehr IRBUZ Feeder Port  Bushehr City Port Iran
Cyrus Terminal IRCYT Feeder Port  Khark Island Port Iran
Tehran IRDEH  Dry Port Tehran City Port Iran
Qeshm IRGES Feeder Port  Gheshm Island City Port Iran
Jask IRJSK   Jask City Port Iran
Khark Island IRKHK Feeder Port  Khark Island City Port Iran
Khorramshahr IRKHO Feeder Port  Khorramshahr City Port Iran
Kish IRKIH Feeder Port  Kish Island City Port Iran
Lingah IRLIN Feeder Port  Lingah City Port Iran
Lavan Island IRLVI Feeder Port  Lavan Island City Port Iran
Bandar E Mahshahr IRMRX Feeder Port  Bandar E Mahshahr City Port Iran
Ras Bahregan IRRBA Feeder Port  Hesar Port Iran
Sirri Island IRSXI Feeder Port  Sirri Island City Port Iran
Chah Bahar IRZBR Feeder Port  Chah Bahar City Port Iran
Akranes ISAKR   Akranes City Port Iceland
Akureyri ISAKU Feeder Port  Akureyri City Port Iceland
Dalvik ISDAL Feeder Port  Dalvik City Port Iceland
Grundartangi ISGRT Feeder Port  Grundartangi City Port Iceland
Hafnarfjordur ISHAF Feeder Port  Hafnarfjorour City Port Iceland
Husavik ISHUS Feeder Port  Husavik City Port Iceland
Isafjordur Hofti ISISA Feeder Port  Isafjordur City Port Iceland
Keflavik ISKEV Feeder Port  Keflavik City Port Iceland
Neskaupstadur ISNES Feeder Port  Neskaupstadur City Port Iceland
Patreksfjordur ISPAT   Patreksfjordur City Port Iceland
Reykjavik ISREY Feeder Port  Reykjavik City Port Iceland
Seyoisfjorour ISSEY Feeder Port  Seyoisfjorour City Port Iceland
Siglufjordur ISSIG Feeder Port  Siglufjordur City Port Iceland
Skagastrond ISSKA Feeder Port  Skagastrond City Port Iceland
Straumsvik ISSTR Feeder Port  Hafnarfjorour Port Iceland
Vestmannaeyjar Hofn ISVES   Vestmannaeyjar City Port Iceland
Alghero ITALG Feeder Port  Alghero City Port Italy
Anzio ITANZ Feeder Port  Anzio City Port Italy
Ancona ITAOI Feeder Port  Ancona City Port Italy
Arbatax ITARB Feeder Port  Arbatax City Port Italy
Augusta ITAUG Feeder Port  Augusta City Port Italy
Avola ITAVO Feeder Port  Avola City Port Italy
Bagnoli ITBAG Feeder Port  Bagnoli City Port Italy
Brindisi ITBDS Feeder Port  Brindisi City Port Italy
Bologna ITBLQ  Dry Port Bologna City Port Italy
Barletta ITBLT Feeder Port  Barletta City Port Italy
Brescia ITBRC  Dry Port Brescia City Port Italy
Bari ITBRI Feeder Port  Bari City Port Italy
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