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Dahej (INDAH)

Bharuch, Gujarat State, India

Port Code INDAH Port Name Dahej
City Bharuch Country/Region India
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 21.7 Longitude 72.533333
Dahej port (port code: INDAH) is a medium-sized port located in the gulf of Khambhat, on the west coast of India.
The old port is a roadstead at the head of Ban Creek which handles the importing of fertiliser, coal rock phosphate and exporting fish into barges from the anchorage. The anchorage cargo handling is closed during the monsoon, May to Sep. There are also the recently opened jetties on the peninsula west of Dahej for the chemical facility, the LNG terminal and the Fertiliser company jetty, for the copper smelter plant. There are plans to construct dry cargo and container facilities at Jageshwar, at the mouth of the River Narmada.
The port handles approximately 8,844,000t of cargo annually. The imports include fertiliser, rock phosphate, naphtha, acid, ammonia, coal, coke, propylene, SKO, ethylene, copper concentrate, EDC, LNG, methanol, propane and coconut oil. Exports are phosphoric acid and soyabeans.
The port processes over an average of 350 vessels each year, among which 49% are tankers. With a maximum draught of 14.1 meters and a maximum deadweight of 207,469t being allowed, the maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 321 meters.

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