Rail Freight


Seabay Logistics Handles Rail Freight Shipments Professionally

Having long standing partnership with China Railway Foreign Service, Seabay Logistics provides rail freight services encompassing picking up, trucking, consolidated shipments, packaging, repackaging, warehousing, and distribution. Our services cover countries and regions in the China-Europe rail network such as Germany, Poland, Russia, and France.

The China-Europe Rail Service offered by Seabay Logistics is designed to solve the China-to-Europe shipping challenges regarding costs, urgency, and safety. The facilitation brought by rail infrastructure and high security standards adopted by the rail operator help us reach a balanced solution.

By tapping into the Trans Siberian Route (TSR) and the Trans-China Route (TCR), we can present you with a shipping plan combining both cost-effectiveness and speed. You do not have to sacrifice one for the other. You can experience the rail freight service that takes 1/3 of the shipping time by sea freight and costs 1/5 of expenses in air freight. 

We are devoted to providing you with one-stop rail freight services supported by our expert team and extensive logistics network. We specialize in overland operations and customs procedures. With our services, your goods can endure a fast, safe, and cost-effective journey.