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        China- Europe Rail Service: Rail from China to Europe & CIS Countries

       - Connecting Europe and Asia on a fast track

Seabay is one of thecontracted partners of China Railway Foreign Service, who provides railwaywagon and railway container, LCL consolidation transportation services fromChinese cities to UK, Germany, Poland, Russia and other CIS countries.

Seabay' China-EuropeRail Service is designed to overcome the timing and cost challenges oftransporting goods between China and Europe. The service's high securitystandard make rail logistics solutions between China and Europe a truealternative to traditional transport modes. The approach also benefits fromsignificant investments in rail infrastructure.

Rail transport provides severalbenefits – especially in terms of lead time and costs. We use the TransSiberian Route (TSR) and the even faster Trans-China Route (TCR), as they aremost frequented transit corridors from China to Europe and vice versa. Theresult is a service that provides 1/3 the lead times of ocean freight at 1/5the cost of airfreight. Your goods will get to where they need to becost-effectively, securely and on time.

Our all-inclusive road and rail freight service runs across a globalplatform manned by a team of experts uniquely skilled at overseeing overlandoperations, including customs requirements.

Fast, secure & cost efficient transportation, connecting Asia Pacificand Europe

  • Standard loading unit: pallets, cartons or boxes
  • Service covering origins/destinations in China and Europe
  • Regular departures between major business centers, with connections between Seabay’s regional networks, via dedicated rail hubs in Europe and China
  • Standardized operation from pick-up to delivery, with defined and highly reliable door-to-door lead times 
  • Secure and monitored loading and handling
  • Efficient handling of transit formalities
  • Pick-up and delivery via Seabay road networks
  • Maximum dimensions per item: 240cm (L) x 220cm (W) x 220cm (H)
  • Excludes dangerous goods

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