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  • Seabay Seaports Finder contains more than 20,000 seaports, container terminals, Inland Container Depots (ICD), Inland Point Intermodal (IPI) with sea port codes, sea freight and map.
  • How to find a Sea Port Near Me?
  • 1) Enter the origin or destination of the city, county, state or country and search or select from list.
  • 2) Choose the seaport near to your shipment from the list.
  • 3) Choosing Main ports for your shipments may have more flexible shipping schedules and less transit time, but more expensive.
  • 4) Choosing the minor seaports near you and your supplier, it will be more cost effective, but it also takes more transit time.
  • Typical kinds of ports:
  • Main Port: Main Ports refer to ports which are included on liner's freight tariffs and has regular container liners(mother vessels) to berth at.
  • Feeder Port:Feeder Ports are ports for feeder vessels to collect shipping containers from and transport to central container terminals or transshipment hubs (main ports), where containers are loaded to mother vessels for further transport.
  • ICD: Inland Container Depot (ICD) is a container storage facility situated in the hinterlands, away from any major port. Shipping companies use ICDs to store and move containers before and after transporting them to the seaport.
  • IPI: Interior Point Intermodal (IPI) freight is used to define inbound freight moves from a port to a consignee’s door within the interior of the country via a domestic or international intermodal container. An IPI intermodal shipment is typically moved via truck for short distances and intermodal rail for longer distances.

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