Port List by country name starting with S

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Pratteln CHATT  Dry Port Pratteln City Port Switzerland
Birsfelden CHBFL Feeder Port  Birsfelden City Port Switzerland
Bern CHBRN  Dry Port Bern City Port Switzerland
Basel CHBSL  Dry Port Basel/Mulhouse City Port Switzerland
Embrach CHEBH  Dry Port Embrach City Port Switzerland
Geneva CHGEN  Dry Port Geneva City Port Switzerland
Lausanne CHLAU  Dry Port Lausanne City Port Switzerland
Zurich CHZRH  Dry Port Zurich City Port Switzerland
Arrecife de Lanzarate ESACE Feeder Port  Arrecife de Lanzarate City Port Spain
Adra ESADR   Adra City Port Spain
Malaga ESAGP Feeder Port  Malaga City Port Spain
Aguilas ESAGU Feeder Port  Aguilas City Port Spain
Alicante ESALC Feeder Port  Alicante City Port Spain
Alcudia ESALD Feeder Port  Alcudia City Port Spain
Algeciras ESALG Feeder Port  Algeciras City Port Spain
Aviles ESAVS Feeder Port  Aviles City Port Spain
Barcelona ESBCNMain Port   Barcelona City Port Spain
Burgos ESBGS  Dry Port Burgos City Port Spain
Bilbao ESBIO Feeder Port  Bilbao City Port Spain
Badajoz ESBJZ  Dry Port Badajoz City Port Spain
Burela ESBLA Feeder Port  Burela City Port Spain
Blanes ESBNS   Blanes City Port Spain
Burriana ESBUR Feeder Port  Burriana City Port Spain
Cadiz ESCAD Feeder Port  Cadiz City Port Spain
Cartagena,ES ESCARMain Port   Cartagena City Port Spain
Castellon ESCAS Feeder Port  Castellon De La Plana City Port Spain
Corcubion ESCBN Feeder Port  Corcubion City Port Spain
Ceuta ESCEU Feeder Port  Ceuta City Port Spain
Castro Urdiales ESCUR   Castro Urdiales City Port Spain
Denia ESDEN Feeder Port  Denia City Port Spain
San Sebastian ESEAS Feeder Port  San Sebastian City Port Spain
Escombreras Harbour ESESH Feeder Port  Cartagena Port Spain
Ferrol ESFRO Feeder Port  Ferrol City Port Spain
Puerto Del Rosario ESFUE Feeder Port  Puerto Del Rosario City Port Spain
Gandia ESGAN Feeder Port  Gandia City Port Spain
Garrucha ESGAR Feeder Port  Garrucha City Port Spain
Gijon ESGIJ Feeder Port  Gijon City Port Spain
Huelva ESHUE Feeder Port  Huelva City Port Spain
Ibiza ESIBI Feeder Port  Ibiza City Port Spain
Javea ESJAV Feeder Port  Javea City Port Spain
La Coruna ESLCG Feeder Port  La Coruna City Port Spain
Almeria ESLEI Feeder Port  Almeria City Port Spain
Las Palmas ESLPA Feeder Port  Las Palmas City Port Spain
Luarca ESLUA Feeder Port  Luarca City Port Spain
Madrid ESMAD  Dry Port Madrid City Port Spain
Mahon ESMAH Feeder Port  Mahon City Port Spain
Marin ESMAR Feeder Port  Marin City Port Spain
Mazarron ESMAZ Feeder Port  Mazarron City Port Spain
Melilla ESMLN Feeder Port  Melilla City Port Spain
Motril ESMOT Feeder Port  Motril City Port Spain
Pasaia ESPAS Feeder Port  Pasaia City Port Spain
Pontevedra ESPEV Feeder Port  Pontevedra City Port Spain
Palamos ESPLS Feeder Port  Palamos City Port Spain
Palma de Mallorca ESPMI Feeder Port  Palma de Mallorca City Port Spain
Ribadeo ESRDO Feeder Port  Ribadeo City Port Spain
Ribadesella ESRIB Feeder Port  Ribadesella City Port Spain
Rosas ESROS Feeder Port  Rosas City Port Spain
Rota ESROT Feeder Port  Rota City Port Spain
Sagunto ESSAG Feeder Port  Sagunto City Port Spain
San Carlos,ES ESSCA Feeder Port  San Carlos City Port Spain
San Cibrao ESSCI Feeder Port  San Cibrao City Port Spain
Santa Cruz de Tenerife ESSCT Feeder Port  Tenerife Port Spain
Santander ESSDR Feeder Port  Santander City Port Spain
San Esteban de Pravia ESSEP   Muros de Nalon Port Spain
San Feliu de Guixols ESSFG Feeder Port  San Feliu de Guixols City Port Spain
Salamanca ESSLM  Dry Port Salamanca City Port Spain
San Miguel de Abona ESSMB Feeder Port  San Miguel de Abona City Port Spain
Soller ESSOL   Soller City Port Spain
Santa Cruz de La Palma ESSPC Feeder Port  Santa Cruz de La Palma City Port Spain
San Sebastian de la Gomera ESSSG Feeder Port  San Sebastian de la Gomera City Port Spain
Sevilla ESSVQ  Dry Port Sevilla City Port Spain
Tarragona ESTAR Feeder Port  Tarragona City Port Spain
Tenerife ESTCI Feeder Port  Tenerife City Port Spain
Torrevieja ESTOR Feeder Port  Torrevieja City Port Spain
Vigo ESVGO Feeder Port  Vigo City Port Spain
Vilagarcia ESVIL Feeder Port  Vilagarcia de Arousa City Port Spain
Viveiro ESVIV Feeder Port  Viveiro City Port Spain
Valencia ESVLCMain Port   Valencia City Port Spain
Zaragoza ESZAZ  Dry Port Zaragoza City Port Spain
Basseterre KNBAS Feeder Port  Basseterre City Port Saint Kitts and Nevis
Charlestown(Nevis) KNCHA Feeder Port  Charlestown City Port Saint Kitts and Nevis
Castries LCCAS Feeder Port  Castries City Port Saint Lucia
Vieux Fort LCVXF Feeder Port  Vieux Fort City Port Saint Lucia
Colombo LKCMBMain Port   Colombo City Port Sri Lanka
Galle LKGAL Feeder Port  Galle City Port Sri Lanka
Hambantota LKHBA Feeder Port  Hambantota City Port Sri Lanka
Jaffna LKJAF Feeder Port  Jaffna City Port Sri Lanka
Kalutara LKKAL Feeder Port  Kalutara City Port Sri Lanka
Kayts LKKAY Feeder Port  Kayts City Port Sri Lanka
Kankesanturai LKKNK Feeder Port  Kankesanturai City Port Sri Lanka
Mannar LKMAN Feeder Port  Mannar City Port Sri Lanka
Negombo LKNEG Feeder Port  Negombo City Port Sri Lanka
Trincomalee LKTRR Feeder Port  Trincomalee City Port Sri Lanka
Belgrade RSBEG  Dry Port Belgrade City Port Serbia
Dhuba SADHU Feeder Port  Dhuba City Port Saudi Arabia
Dammam SADMMMain Port   Dammam City Port Saudi Arabia
Gizan SAGIZ Feeder Port  Gizan City Port Saudi Arabia
Al Jubayl Industrial City SAJBI Feeder Port  Jubail Port Saudi Arabia
Jeddah SAJEDMain Port   Jeddah City Port Saudi Arabia
Jubail SAJUB Feeder Port  Jubail City Port Saudi Arabia
Juaymah Terminal SAJUT Feeder Port  Dhahran Port Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah Port SAKAP Feeder Port  King Abdullah Port City Port Saudi Arabia
Khamis Mushait SAKMX  Dry Port Khamis Mushait City Port Saudi Arabia
Rabigh SARAB Feeder Port  Rabigh City Port Saudi Arabia
Ras Al Khafji SARAK Feeder Port  Ras Al Khafji City Port Saudi Arabia
Ras Al Mishab SARAM Feeder Port  Ras Al Mishab City Port Saudi Arabia
Ras Tanura SARTA Feeder Port  Ras Tanura City Port Saudi Arabia
Riyadh SARUHMain Port   Riyadh City Port Saudi Arabia
Yanbu Al Bahr SAYNB Feeder Port  Yanbu Al Bahr City Port Saudi Arabia
Gizo SBGIZ Feeder Port  Gizo City Port Solomon Islands
Honiara SBHIR Feeder Port  Honiara City Port Solomon Islands
Noro SBNOR Feeder Port  Noro City Port Solomon Islands
Ringi Cove SBRGC Feeder Port  Ringi Cove City Port Solomon Islands
Shortland Harbour SBSHH   Shortland Harbour City Port Solomon Islands
Tulagi SBTUL Feeder Port  Tulagi Island City Port Solomon Islands
Viru Harbour SBVIU Feeder Port  Viru Harbour City Port Solomon Islands
Yandina SBYAN Feeder Port  Yandina City Port Solomon Islands
Port Victoria,SC SCPOV Feeder Port  Victoria City Port Seychelles
Praslin SCPRI Feeder Port  Praslin Island City Port Seychelles
Juba SDJUM  Dry Port Juba City Port South Sudan
Khartoum SDKRT  Dry Port Khartoum City Port Sudan
Port Sudan SDPZUMain Port   Port Sudan City Port Sudan
Sawakin SDSUA Feeder Port  Sawakin City Port Sudan
Ahus,Se SEAHU Feeder Port  Ahus,Se City Port Sweden
Borgholm SEBOR Feeder Port  Borgholm City Port Sweden
Brofjorden SEBRO Feeder Port  Brofjorden City Port Sweden
Dalaro SEDAL   Dalaro City Port Sweden
Degerhamn SEDEG Feeder Port  Degerhamn City Port Sweden
Domsjo SEDOM Feeder Port  Domsjo City Port Sweden
Enkoping SEENK Feeder Port  Enkoping City Port Sweden
Falkenberg SEFAG Feeder Port  Falkenberg City Port Sweden
Farosund SEFAR Feeder Port  Farosund City Port Sweden
Goteborg SEGOT Feeder Port  Goteborg City Port Sweden
Gavle SEGVX Feeder Port  Gavle City Port Sweden
Halmstad SEHAD Feeder Port  Halmstad City Port Sweden
Hallstavik SEHAL Feeder Port  Hallstavik City Port Sweden
Hargshamn SEHAN Feeder Port  Hargshamn City Port Sweden
Haparanda SEHAP Feeder Port  Haparanda City Port Sweden
Haraholmen SEHAR Feeder Port  Haraholmen City Port Sweden
Helsingborg SEHEL Feeder Port  Helsingborg City Port Sweden
Hernosand SEHER Feeder Port  Hernosand City Port Sweden
Hoganas SEHOG Feeder Port  Hoganas City Port Sweden
Holmsund SEHOL Feeder Port  Holmsund City Port Sweden
Hornefors SEHOR Feeder Port  Hornefors City Port Sweden
Husum,SE SEHSM Feeder Port  Husum City Port Sweden
Hudiksvall SEHUD Feeder Port  Hudiksvall City Port Sweden
Iggesund SEIGG Feeder Port  Iggesund City Port Sweden
Jonkoping SEJON  Dry Port Jonkoping City Port Sweden
Karlskrona SEKAA Feeder Port  Karlskrona City Port Sweden
Karlstad SEKAD Feeder Port  Karlstad City Port Sweden
Karlsborg SEKAG Feeder Port  Karlsborg City Port Sweden
Karlshamn SEKAN Feeder Port  Karlshamn City Port Sweden
Karskar SEKAR Feeder Port  Karskar City Port Sweden
Klagshamn SEKGM Feeder Port  Klagshamn City Port Sweden
Kristinehanm SEKHN  Dry Port Kristinehanm City Port Sweden
Klintehamn SEKLI Feeder Port  Klintehamn City Port Sweden
Kalmar SEKLR Feeder Port  Kalmar City Port Sweden
Kalix SEKLX Feeder Port  Kalix City Port Sweden
Koping SEKOP Feeder Port  Koping City Port Sweden
Kramfors SEKRA Feeder Port  Kramfors City Port Sweden
Landskrona SELAA Feeder Port  Landskrona City Port Sweden
Lidkoping SELID Feeder Port  Lidkoping City Port Sweden
Ljusne SELJU Feeder Port  Ljusne City Port Sweden
Lulea SELLA Feeder Port  Lulea City Port Sweden
Lomma SELOM Feeder Port  Lomma City Port Sweden
Lysekil SELYS Feeder Port  Lysekil City Port Sweden
Marstrand SEMAR Feeder Port  Marstrand City Port Sweden
Malmo SEMMA Feeder Port  Malmo City Port Sweden
Norrkoping SENRK Feeder Port  Norrkoping City Port Sweden
Norrsundet SENRT Feeder Port  Norrsundet City Port Sweden
Nykoping SENYK Feeder Port  Nykoping City Port Sweden
Nynkashamn SENYN   Nynkashamn City Port Sweden
Oaxen SEOAX Feeder Port  Oaxen City Port Sweden
Ornskoldsvik SEOER Feeder Port  Ornskoldsvik City Port Sweden
Oskarshamn SEOSK Feeder Port  Oskarshamn City Port Sweden
Otterbacken SEOTT Feeder Port  Otterbacken City Port Sweden
Oxelosund SEOXE Feeder Port  Oxelosund City Port Sweden
Paskallavik SEPAS Feeder Port  Paskallavik City Port Sweden
Pataholm SEPAT   Pataholm City Port Sweden
Pitea SEPIT Feeder Port  Pitea City Port Sweden
Ronehamn SERON Feeder Port  Ronehamn City Port Sweden
Sandarne SESAN Feeder Port  Sandarne City Port Sweden
Sundsvall SESDL Feeder Port  Sundsvall City Port Sweden
Simrishamn SESIM Feeder Port  Simrishamn City Port Sweden
Skelleftea SESKA Feeder Port  Skelleftea City Port Sweden
Skelleftehamn SESKE Feeder Port  Skelleftea Port Sweden
Skredsvik SESKR Feeder Port  Skredsvik City Port Sweden
Skutskar SESKU Feeder Port  Skutskar City Port Sweden
Slite SESLI Feeder Port  Slite City Port Sweden
Sodertalje SESOE Feeder Port  Sodertelje City Port Sweden
Soderkoping SESOG   Soderkoping City Port Sweden
Solvesborg SESOL Feeder Port  Solvesborg City Port Sweden
Stromstad SESTD Feeder Port  Stromstad City Port Sweden
Stenungsund SESTE Feeder Port  Stenungsund City Port Sweden
Stockholm SESTO Feeder Port  Stockholm City Port Sweden
Strangnas SESTR Feeder Port  Strangnas City Port Sweden
Storugns SESTS Feeder Port  Storugns City Port Sweden
Stugsund SESTU Feeder Port  Stugsund City Port Sweden
Trelleborg SETRE Feeder Port  Trelleborg City Port Sweden
Uddevalla SEUDD Feeder Port  Uddevalla City Port Sweden
Umea SEUME Feeder Port  Umea City Port Sweden
Valdemarsvik SEVAL Feeder Port  Valdemarsvik City Port Sweden
Varberg SEVAR Feeder Port  Varberg City Port Sweden
Vasteras SEVES  Dry Port Vasteras City Port Sweden
Visby SEVIS Feeder Port  Visby City Port Sweden
Wallhamn SEWHN Feeder Port  Wallhamn City Port Sweden
Wallvik SEWVK Feeder Port  Wallvik City Port Sweden
Jurong SGJUR Feeder Port  Singapore Port Singapore
Pulau Bukom SGPBU   Singapore Port Singapore
Sembawang SGSEM Feeder Port  Singapore Port Singapore
Singapore SGSINMain Port   Singapore City Port Singapore
Izola SIIZO Feeder Port  Izola City Port Slovenia