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Colombo (LKCMB)

Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka

Port Code LKCMB Port Name Colombo
City Colombo Country/Region Sri Lanka
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude 6.9535 Longitude 79.8465
Colombo Port (port code: LKCMB), also known as Colombo Artificial Port, is the principal port of Sri Lanka and one of the largest artificial ports in the world. It lies on the west coast of Sri Lanka and straddles the major sea routes between west and east.
Enclosed by breakwaters with 2 entrances providing access, the port covers an area of 201.5 hectares and include three container terminals, namely Jaya Container Terminals, Unity Container Terminal, and South Asia Gateway Terminals.
Located at the western and northern entrances to the port, Jaya Container Terminals cover 130 hectares of land and 70 hectares of water surface and contain four main berths and two feeder berths. The Jaya container terminal areas cover 45.5 hectares and contain stacking capacity for 44.1 thousand TEUs of dry containers and 1.5 TEUs of reefer containers. Unity Container Terminal has two container berths and one multi-purpose berth dredged to depths from 9 to 11 meters and 1.5 hectares of container terminal area with stacking capacity for 8 thousand TEUs. The terminal is equipped with three quayside container cranes and 50 terminal tractors. South Asia Gateway Terminals cover 20 hectares of total area and offers 12 hectares of stacking area, including 540 reefer slots with capacity for 1620 TEUs.
The port handles more than 30 million tons of cargo and 4.1 million TEUs annually. The main imports to this port include crude oil, machinery, iron and steel and manufactured goods. The principal exports are sawn timber, crude rubber, machinery, textiles and manufactured goods.
Each year approximately 4,200 vessels visit this port, among which about 73% are cargo vessels. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 400 meters. The maximum draught is 16.9 meters. The maximum deadweight is 319,247t.

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