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Karlskrona (SEKAA)

Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden

Port Code SEKAA Port Name Karlskrona
City Karlskrona Country/Region Sweden
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 56.1675 Longitude 15.6015
Karlskrona port (Port Code:SEKAA) on Sweden's south-east coast is a large, safe, deep natural harbour, which is generally open throughout the year. Karlskrona has excellent transport links however, as the port is situated on a different island to the main part of the town, a taxi or bus trip is required to access the port for rail and foot passengers.
The harbour covers approx 400,000m². Exports are chiefly timber, stone, paper and grain. The port specialises in Ro-Ro, passenger and rail ferry traffic. Principle imports are quartz, sand, dolomite soda, petroleum products, chalk and construction materials. Exports include vehicles, timber products, ships and power plants. The port has 3 cruise berths. Approx 351 vessels visit the port annually with a total of 350,000t of cargo. Port Karlskrona can handle cruise ships with max LOA length 160 m (525 ft). Larger liners are anchored at sea and their passengers transported/ferried to the port via ship's tender boats.

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