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Barcelona (ESBCN)

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Port Code ESBCN Port Name Barcelona
City Barcelona Country/Region Spain
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude 41.3541 Longitude 2.1533
The Port of Barcelona (port code: ESBCN) is the largest seaport in Spain.It is an estuary seaport with a free trade zone and a primary port. It is the largest general cargo port in Spain and one of the ten largest container handling ports on the Mediterranean coast.
The Port is located on the east bank of the Spanish estuary, on the northwest side of the Mediterranean Sea, and is the largest seaport in Spain. 185 nautical miles from the Port of Marseille in the northeast and Serbia in the southeast. The port is 161 nautical miles from the port of Valencia in the southwest. There are 9 terminals in total at the Barcelona port, 7 of these are cruise terminals.

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