Port List by country name starting with L

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Ban Houeisai LAHOE  Dry Port Ban Houeisai City Port Laos
Pakse LAPKZ  Dry Port Pakse City Port Laos
Savannakhet LASAV  Dry Port Savannakhet City Port Laos
Thanaleng LATHA  Dry Port Thanaleng City Port Laos
Thakhek LATHK  Dry Port Thakhek City Port Laos
Vientiane LAVTE  Dry Port Vientiane City Port Laos
Beirut LBBEYMain Port   Beirut City Port Lebanon
Chekka LBCHE Feeder Port  Chekka City Port Lebanon
Jounieh LBJOU   Jounieh City Port Lebanon
Tripoli,LB LBKYE Feeder Port  Tripoli City Port Lebanon
Ras Selaata LBRSE Feeder Port  Selaata City Port Lebanon
Sayda LBSAY Feeder Port  Sayda City Port Lebanon
Sidon LBSID Feeder Port  Sidon City Port Lebanon
Zahrani LBZAH Feeder Port  Ghaziyeh Port Lebanon
Cape Palmas LRCPA Feeder Port  Cape Palmas City Port Liberia
Greenville LRGRE Feeder Port  Greenville City Port Liberia
Monrovia LRMLW Feeder Port  Monrovia City Port Liberia
Buchanan LRUCN Feeder Port  Buchanan City Port Liberia
Maseru LSMSU  Dry Port Maseru City Port Lesotho
Kaunas LTKAU Feeder Port  Kaunas City Port Lithuania
Klaipeda LTKLJ Feeder Port  Klaipeda City Port Lithuania
Vilnius LTVIL  Dry Port Vilnius City Port Lithuania
Luxembourg LULUX  Dry Port Luxembourg City Port Luxembourg
Liepaja LVLPX Feeder Port  Liepaja City Port Latvia
Riga LVRIX Feeder Port  Riga City Port Latvia
Ventspils LVVEN Feeder Port  Ventspils City Port Latvia
Az Zawiyah LYAZA Feeder Port  Az Zawiyah City Port Libya
Benghazi LYBENMain Port   Benghazi City Port Libya
Derna LYDNF Feeder Port  Derna City Port Libya
Darnah LYDRX Feeder Port  Derna City Port Libya
As Sidr LYESI Feeder Port  As Sidr City Port Libya
Al Khoms LYKHO Feeder Port  Al Khoms City Port Libya
Marsa Al Brega LYMEB Feeder Port  Marsa Al Brega City Port Libya
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