Port List by country name starting with P

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Aguadulce PAAGD Feeder Port  Aguadulce City Port Panama
Armuelles PAARM Feeder Port  Puerto Armuelles City Port Panama
Balboa PABLBMain Port   Balboa City Port Panama
Colon Cntr.Tmnl PACCTMain Port   Colon Port Panama
Chiriqui Grande PACGE Feeder Port  Chiriqui Grande City Port Panama
Colon Free Zone PACOL Feeder Port  Colon Port Panama
Coco Solo PACSO Feeder Port  Colon Port Panama
Cristobal PACTBMain Port   Colon Port Panama
La Palma PALPA Feeder Port  La Palma City Port Panama
Manzanillo,PA PAMITMain Port   Colon Port Panama
Las Minas PAMNP  Dry Port Las Minas City Port Panama
Colon PAONXMain Port   Colon City Port Panama
Almirante PAPAM Feeder Port  Almirante City Port Panama
Pedregal PAPED Feeder Port  Pedregal City Port Panama
Panama City,PA PAPTY Feeder Port  Panama City City Port Panama
PSA Tml in Balboa PAROD Feeder Port  Panama City Port Panama
Vacamonte PAVAC Feeder Port  Vacamonte City Port Panama
Ancon PEANC Feeder Port  Ancon City Port Peru
Atico PEATI Feeder Port  Atico City Port Peru
Cabo Blanco PECBL Feeder Port  El Alto Port Peru
Conchan Beach PECCB Feeder Port  Lima Port Peru
Chancay PECHA Feeder Port  Chancay City Port Peru
Chimbote PECHM Feeder Port  Chimbote City Port Peru
Callao PECLLMain Port   Callao City Port Peru
Chicama PECMA Feeder Port  Chicama City Port Peru
Coishco PECOI Feeder Port  Coishco City Port Peru
Eten PEEEN Feeder Port  Chiclayo Port Peru
General San Martin PEGSM Feeder Port  General San Martin City Port Peru
Huacho PEHCO Feeder Port  Huacho City Port Peru
Huarmey PEHMY Feeder Port  Huarmey City Port Peru
Ilo PEILQ Feeder Port  Ilo City Port Peru
Iquitos PEIQU Feeder Port  Iquitos City Port Peru
Lima PELIM  Dry Port Lima City Port Peru
Lobitos PELOB Feeder Port  Lobitos City Port Peru
La Pampilla PELPA Feeder Port  Callao Port Peru
Mollendo PEMLQ   Mollendo City Port Peru
Matarani PEMRI Feeder Port  Matarani City Port Peru
Pacasmayo PEPAC Feeder Port  Pacasmayo City Port Peru
Paita PEPAI Feeder Port  Paita City Port Peru
Paramonga PEPAR Feeder Port  Paramonga City Port Peru
Pimentel PEPIM Feeder Port  Pimentel City Port Peru
Pisco PEPIO Feeder Port  Pisco City Port Peru
Bayovar PEPUB Feeder Port  Bayovar City Port Peru
Salaverry PESAL Feeder Port  Salaverry City Port Peru
Supe PESUP Feeder Port  Supe City Port Peru
Tambo de Mora PETDM Feeder Port  Tambo de Mora City Port Peru
Trujillo PETRU Feeder Port  Trujillo City Port Peru
Talara PETYL Feeder Port  Talara City Port Peru
Aitape PGAIT   Aitape City Port Papua New Guinea
Alotau PGALO Feeder Port  Alotau City Port Papua New Guinea
Buka PGBUK Feeder Port  Buka Island City Port Papua New Guinea
Daru PGDAR Feeder Port  Daru City Port Papua New Guinea
Kavieng PGKAV Feeder Port  Kavieng City Port Papua New Guinea
Kieta PGKIE Feeder Port  Kieta City Port Papua New Guinea
Kimbe PGKIM Feeder Port  Kimbe City Port Papua New Guinea
Lae PGLAE Feeder Port  Lae City Port Papua New Guinea
Lihir Island PGLNV Feeder Port  Lihir Island City Port Papua New Guinea
Loloho PGLOL Feeder Port  Loloho City Port Papua New Guinea
Lorengau PGLOR Feeder Port  Lorengau City Port Papua New Guinea
Madang PGMAG Feeder Port  Madang City Port Papua New Guinea
Motukea PGMTK Feeder Port  Port Moresby Port Papua New Guinea
Oro Bay PGORO Feeder Port  Oro Bay City Port Papua New Guinea
Port Moresby PGPOMMain Port   Port Moresby City Port Papua New Guinea
Rabaul PGRAB Feeder Port  Rabaul City Port Papua New Guinea
Samarai PGSAM Feeder Port  Samarai Island City Port Papua New Guinea
Kiunga PGUNG Feeder Port  Kiunga Port Papua New Guinea
Vanimo PGVAI Feeder Port  Vanimo City Port Papua New Guinea
Wewak PGWWK Feeder Port  Wewak City Port Papua New Guinea
Anakan PHANA Feeder Port  Anakan City Port Philippines
Atimonan PHANT Feeder Port  Atimonan City Port Philippines
Aparri PHAPR Feeder Port  Aparri City Port Philippines
Bacolod PHBAC Feeder Port  Bacolod City Port Philippines
Bais PHBAS Feeder Port  Bais City Port Philippines
Bislig PHBIS Feeder Port  Bislig City Port Philippines
Batangas PHBTG Feeder Port  Batangas City Port Philippines
Bataan PHBTN Feeder Port  Bataan City Port Philippines
Calbayog PHCAL Feeder Port  Calbayog City Port Philippines
Cavite PHCAV   Cavite City City Port Philippines
Cotabato City PHCBO  Dry Port Cotabato City City Port Philippines
Cebu PHCEBMain Port   Cebu City Port Philippines
Cagayan de Oro PHCGY Feeder Port  Cagayan de Oro City Port Philippines
Currimao PHCMO Feeder Port  Currimao City Port Philippines
Dingalan Bay PHDGB Feeder Port  Dingalan Bay City Port Philippines
Dipolog PHDIP Feeder Port  Dipolog City Port Philippines
Dumaguete PHDUM Feeder Port  Dumaguete City Port Philippines
Davao PHDVO Feeder Port  Davao City City Port Philippines
General Santos PHGSA Feeder Port  General Santos City Port Philippines
Isabela PHILA Feeder Port  Isabela City Port Philippines
Iligan PHILI Feeder Port  Iligan City Port Philippines
Iloilo PHILO Feeder Port  Iloilo City City Port Philippines
Jolo PHJOL Feeder Port  Jolo City Port Philippines
Jose Panganiban PHJPA Feeder Port  Jose Panganiban City Port Philippines
Kalibo PHKLO Feeder Port  Kalibo City Port Philippines
Laoag PHLAO   Laoag City Port Philippines
Legaspi PHLGP Feeder Port  Legazpi City Port Philippines
Lingayen PHLIN Feeder Port  Lingayen City Port Philippines
Masbate PHMAS Feeder Port  Masbate City Port Philippines
Milbuk PHMIL Feeder Port  Milbuk City Port Philippines
Masinlok PHMLK Feeder Port  Masinlok City Port Philippines
Manila(North) PHMNH Feeder Port  Manila Port Philippines
Manila PHMNLMain Port   Manila City Port Philippines
Manila(South) PHMNS Feeder Port  Manila Port Philippines
Masao PHMSO Feeder Port  Masao City Port Philippines
Mariveles PHMVS Feeder Port  Mariveles City Port Philippines
Nasugbu PHNAS Feeder Port  Nasugbu City Port Philippines
Nasipit PHNPT Feeder Port  Nasipit City Port Philippines
Olongapo PHOLO Feeder Port  Olongapo City Port Philippines
Ormoc PHORM Feeder Port  Ormoc City Port Philippines
Ozamis PHOZC Feeder Port  Ozamis City City Port Philippines
Panabo PHPAN Feeder Port  Panabo City Port Philippines
Parang PHPAR Feeder Port  Parang City Port Philippines
Polloc PHPOL Feeder Port  Parang Port Philippines
Puerto Princesa PHPPR Feeder Port  Puerto Princesa City Port Philippines
Port Santa Maria PHPSM Feeder Port  Bayan ng Siocon Port Philippines
Pulupandan PHPUL Feeder Port  Pulupandan City Port Philippines
Roxas PHRXS Feeder Port  Roxas City Port Philippines
San Carlos,PH PHSCA Feeder Port  San Carlos City Port Philippines
San Fernando,PH PHSFE  Dry Port San Fernando City Port Philippines
Sangi PHSGI Feeder Port  Dakbayan sa Toledo Port Philippines
Sorsogon PHSOR Feeder Port  Sorsogon City Port Philippines
Subic PHSPS Feeder Port  Subic Bay City Port Philippines
Surigao PHSUR Feeder Port  Surigao City Port Philippines
Tabaco PHTAB Feeder Port  Tabaco City Port Philippines
Tacloban PHTAC Feeder Port  Tacloban City Port Philippines
Tagbilaran PHTAG Feeder Port  Tagbilaran City Port Philippines
Tanauan PHTNA  Dry Port Tanauan City Port Philippines
Villanueva PHVIL Feeder Port  Villanueva City Port Philippines
Zamboanga PHZAM Feeder Port  Zamboanga City Port Philippines
Muhammad Bin Qasim PKBQM Feeder Port  Karachi Port Pakistan
Gwadar PKGWD Feeder Port  Gwadar City Port Pakistan
Islamabad PKISB  Dry Port Islamabad City Port Pakistan
Karachi International Container Terminal PKKCT Feeder Port  Karachi Port Pakistan
Karachi PKKHIMain Port   Karachi City Port Pakistan
Lahore PKLHE  Dry Port Lahore City Port Pakistan
Faisalabad PKLYP  Dry Port Faisalabad City Port Pakistan
Multan PKMUX  Dry Port Multan City Port Pakistan
Ormara PKORW Feeder Port  Ormara City Port Pakistan
Pakistan International Container Terminal PKPCT Feeder Port  Karachi Port Pakistan
Peshawar PKPEW  Dry Port Peshawar City Port Pakistan
Pasni PKPSI Feeder Port  Pasni City Port Pakistan
Qasim PKQAS Feeder Port  Karachi Port Pakistan
Qasim International Container Terminal PKQCT Feeder Port  Karachi Port Pakistan
South Asia Pakistan Container Terminal PKSAP Feeder Port  Karachi Port Pakistan
Sialkot PKSKT  Dry Port Sialkot City Port Pakistan
Bydgoszcz PLBZG Feeder Port  Bydgoszcz City Port Poland
Darlowo PLDAR Feeder Port  Darlowo City Port Poland
Gdansk PLGDNMain Port   Gdansk City Port Poland
Gdynia PLGDY Feeder Port  Gdynia City Port Poland
Kolobrzeg PLKOL Feeder Port  Kolobrzeg City Port Poland
Krakow PLKRK  Dry Port Krakow City Port Poland
Katowice PLKTW  Dry Port Katowice City Port Poland
Lodz PLLOD  Dry Port Lodz City Port Poland
Malaszewicze PLMAA  Dry Port Malaszewicze City Port Poland
Swinoujscie PLSWI   Swinoujscie City Port Poland
Szczecin PLSZZ Feeder Port  Szczecin City Port Poland
Ustka PLUST Feeder Port  Ustka City Port Poland
Wroclaw PLWRO  Dry Port Wroclaw City Port Poland
Warsaw PLWSW  Dry Port Warsaw City Port Poland
Poznan POPOZ  Dry Port Poznan City Port Poland
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