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Madang (PGMAG)

Madang, Madang, Papua New Guinea

Port Code PGMAG Port Name Madang
City Madang Country/Region Papua New Guinea
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -5.212118 Longitude 145.80425
The Port of Madang (Port Code:PGMAG) is located on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea and is sometimes included as a port of call on cruises between Australia and Asia.The Port of Madang contains two berths and a barge ramp.
Berth 1, the overseas berth, is 137 meters long with alongside depth of 10.1 meters. Berth 2, the coastal berth, is 52 meters long with alongside depth of 1.6 meters. The port also contains a 12-meter-wide barge ramp. The Port of Madang has 4580 square meters of storage sheds, 3090 of which are available for cargo storage, and 8830 square meters of open yards.
While the Port of Madang has no wharf-mounted cranes, it offers mobile cranes with capacity to lift up to 20-ton containers. Shippers should check with the Port of Madang before bringing heavier loads to get approval from the port authority.

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