Lae Port (PGLAE)

Port Code PGLAE City Lae
Port Name LAE Country/Region Papua New Guinea
Category Port City Route SOUTH PACIFIC
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Lae Port (PGLAE)


      Commercial port of Papua New Guinea. It is located in Markham Bay on the southeast coast of New Guinea, to the west of the port city, near Solomon Moon Bay. It is 448 nautical miles from the port of labour in the northeast, 614 nautical miles from the port of kietta in the East, 992 nautical miles from the port of Moresby in the South and 1649 nautical miles from the port of Brisbane in Australia. In the northwest Bank of Markham Bay, the port area has a frame wharf extending from northwest to Southeast, with a total length of 430m (264m for berths 1 and 2 in the northwest and 184m for berths 3 in the southeast). The water depth of the front is 11-13m. The wharf has a warehouse of 1485m2 and a storage yard of 39000m2. The wharf is commonly used for loading and unloading miscellaneous goods and container ores. There is also a mooring post at the east end of the wharf, which can moor 40000 DWT vessels and has oil unloading equipment. There is a new container terminal 180 meters long on the East Bank of the northwest basin of the terminal. The depth of the basin has been excavated to 11 meters; There are also some small and medium-sized berths nearby. The port exports timber, plywood, mineral products, imports petroleum, general merchandise, etc.

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Summary of PGLAE

Lae Port (Port code:PGLAE) is Papua New Guinea’s largest and busiest port, handling more than 60% of the total international and coastal trade. Cargo volume has soared over the years, and the facility is no longer able to keep pace with the present demand. There are no wharf mounted gantry crane however, forklift available and capable of lifting up to 20 tonne containers. Shippers are advised to check this before shipping heavier loads. The Port has a Vigan Machine and handles Bulk wheat and grain.Under cover storage 12,600sq.m. Open storage 39,000sq.m.
The project will construct a 700 x 400 m tidal basin located northwest of the existing port, and a 240 m-long multi-purpose berth. The new infrastructure will enable Lae Port to handle cargo traffic more swiftly and efficiently and accommodate larger ships.