Jolo Port (PHJOL)

Port Code PHJOL City Jolo
Port Name JOLO Country/Region Philippines
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Jolo Port (PHJOL)


      Ports on the north coast of the Philippines.The maximum draft is 10.98 meters.The loading density of water is 1025.When the tide rises, the tide moves westward, and when the tide falls, the tide moves northeastward.The prevailing wind direction is variable.Compulsory pilotage, communication with Philippine communication station.Working hours are arranged through negotiation.Port service facilities include small motor boats, medical treatment, fresh water and repatriation, no ship repair, fueling, dry dock, towing, sewage, and supplies.The nearest airport is hollow airport.The general cargo / bulk cargo ship jetty is 88.39 meters long, with a water depth of 7.62 meters in the northeast, 7.92 meters in the middle and 9.14 meters in the southeast.The customs motorboat helps mooring.On the northwest side of the jetty, there is an anchorage, exposed to the northeast monsoon, with a water depth of 21.84-25.62 meters.The port warehouse can store 5500 tons of coconut and 3000 bales of marijuana.A small amount of fresh supplies is available.The jetty can hold fresh water, but in dry season, each ship is limited to 10 tons.In front of the oil depots operated by Texaco and Mobil, there is an oil tanker berth with a maximum water depth of 2.94 meters.

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Summary of PHJOL

The Base Port of Jolo (Port Code:PHJOL) is the main port in the province of Sulu and is located in Jolo, a municipality on the Island of Jolo, and the capital of the province of Sulu, Philippines. Jolo Port is one of the earliest hubs for trade and commerce in Western Mindanao and one of the busiest ports in the region. It caters to Roro and passenger vessels to and from Zamboanga City, Basilan, and Sulu as well as ferry to and from Malaysia. The main cargoes handled by the port are copra and hemp, seaweed and dried fish.
Facilities include an L-shape structure consisting of a 12m x 80m Pier Approach and a Wharf, also about 12m x 80m, with a RORO Ramp at its east-end.  A Marginal  Wharf of some 145m long connects the L-shape structure to the Main Wharf of 80m berth- length. The East portion of the Main Wharf has a 70m berth-length. At the West portion is a RORO berth, 12m x 50m.  The main buildings are the PMO and MPTB.

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