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Zamboanga (PHZAM)

Zamboanga, Zamboanga Peninsula Region, Philippines

Port Code PHZAM Port Name Zamboanga
City Zamboanga Country/Region Philippines
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 6.9097265 Longitude 122.0639
Zamboanga port (Port Code: PHZAM) is a medium-sized port, which is located at Sulu Sea in Philippines.
The types of vessels regularly calling at ZAMBOANGA are General Cargo (30%), Cargo (16%), Container Ship (9%), Oil Products Tanker (9%), Ro-Ro/Passenger Ship (2%). The port was the main trade route for cargo handling, including copra, rubber and timber to the docks or lighters. The port also has container and passenger transport facilities. Zamboanga is a customs port of entry. Approximately 2,642,000t of cargo, 63,700TEU, 14,700 vessels and 3,221,000 passengers handled annually.
The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 336 meters. The maximum draught is 7.9 meters. The maximum Deadweight is 47171t.

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