Gdansk (PLGDN)

Port Code PLGDN City Gdansk
Port Name Gdansk Country/Region Poland
Category Port City Route EUROPEAN BRANCH PORT
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Gdansk (PLGDN)



      Polish commercial port.It is located in the southwest Bank of Gdansk Bay in the north of the country and the lower reaches of vistulagu river. It is 16 nautical miles from Gdynia in the north, 240 nautical miles from shicheqing in the west, 270 nautical miles from Copenhagen and 343 nautical miles from Kiel.The port area is divided into river and sea.In the port area of Vistula River, there are not only quays along the bank, but also quays controlled by both banks, which are divided into North and south.In the north, there is a West Bank (wlasystawa) harbor, with a total length of 1190 meters. Ships with a maximum draught of 9.7 meters are allowed to dock for general cargo handling;On the East Bank of westplatte basin, the total length of wharf line is 1442 meters, and the maximum draft is 10.3 meters, which is used for timber.On the South West Bank, there is the 20th anniversary wharf of the people's Republic of China, with a total length of 1076 meters and a maximum draft of 10 meters;There are coal and ore terminals on the east bank, with a total length of more than 1600 meters and a maximum draft of 10 meters;In addition, there are timber, chemical, sulfur, RO ro terminals, etc.The total length of wharf line in Hegang district is about 8500 meters.The seaport, namely the north port, is located in the east coast of the bend of the Vistula River protruding eastward. It is a port for crude oil and coal. It was built in the 1960s and 1970s. The oil and coal are in the "F" shape, extending from the land to the Northeast sea area. The wharf is 450 meters long and 16 meters deep, and can dock 100000 ton oil tankers;The coal jetty is in its south, straight arm type, 240 meters long, and can also dock 100000 DWT ships.The annual throughput of Hong Kong is about 30 million tons, most of which are dry and wet bulk cargo.Founded in 997, the city was occupied by Prussia in 1793 and renamed "danze". It was not returned to Poland until the Second World War and its original name was restored.

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Summary of PLGDN

Gdansk port (port code: PLGDN) is a large port in Poland. It is situated at the mouth of Wisla River, in the north of Poland, on the southern Baltic coast.
The port consists of two parts which differ in terms of natural operation parameters: the inner port and the outer port called Northern Port. The inner port, extends along Martwa Wisla and Port Channel, providing mainly general cargo, handling and storage services on both sides of the fairway. There are liquid and dry bulk sulphur terminals, phosphates terminal, two ferry terminals, fruit handling terminal and a container terminal, handling international and far east trade. The remaining wharves handle general and bulk cargo. Specialised cargo handling equipment and port infrastructure are available, enabling the handling of grain, fertilisers, lumber, ore, steel and containers, as well as Ro-Ro vessel servicing. The Port Free Zone is also located at the entrance to the inner port. The outer port features piers, quays and cargo handling stations located directly in the water basins of Gulf of Gdansk. There are modern handling and storage facilities for containers and bulk cargoes of crude oil, heating oils and fuels, coal and LPG, together forming an area for servicing the energy sector.
The port remains ice free all year round. It handles approximately 17,781,000t of cargo and 185,661TEU annually. About 59% of the vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 400 meters. The maximum draught is 15 meters. The maximum deadweight is 214,733t.