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Ozamis (PHOZC)

Ozamis City, Northern Mindanao Region, Philippines

Port Code PHOZC Port Name Ozamis
City Ozamis City Country/Region Philippines
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Ozamiz port (port code: PHOZC) is a medium-sized port located in the northwest of Mindanao Island on the northern shore of Paquil Bay, approximately 25 nautical miles southwest of Iligan.
The port handles containers, Ro-Ro and conventional cargoes. The main cargoes handled are live animals, agricultural products, animal feeds, petroleum products, lumbers, marine products, machinery and electrical supplies and equipment, and transport equipment.
The port handles approximately 1,500,000t of cargo, 37,000TEU, 15,400 vessels and 3,116,000 passengers annually. Close to half (48%) of the vessels regularly calling at port are general cargo vessels. The maximum draught and the maximum deadweight of this port are 7.1 meters and 8627t respectively. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 195 meters.

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