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Callao (PECLL)

Callao, Callao Region, Peru

Port Code PECLL Port Name Callao
City Callao Country/Region Peru
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude -12.04688 Longitude -77.148475
Callao Port (port code: PECLL) is the major commercial seaport of Peru. It is situated south of the Rimac River at the tip of a peninsula protected by the offshore island of San Lorenzo and a promontory, approximately 15 kilometers from the capital Lima.
Enclosed and protected by two breakwaters, the port covers a land area of 47.3 hectares, including 26.4 hectares for cargo storage, and it contains 29 berths for sea going vessels handling approximately 70% of Peruvian foreign trade cargo. It also has three silos with capacity for almost 25.8 metric tons of grains.
The port is well-equipped to handle the full range of cargoes. It handles around 13 million tons of cargo and 728,000TEU annually. The main exports leaving this port include zinc, lead, barium sulphate, petroleum products, wood, minerals and metals, fish oil, copper, coffee, fishmeal, textiles and textures. The principal imports entering this port are maize, rice, wheat, fuel, sugar, grain, solid fuel, motor vehicles and spare parts, vegetable oils, cereals, iron and steel, dried chemicals, liquid chemicals, gas and liquefied products, wheat flour.
The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels, accounting for about 52%, and tankers, taking up around 10%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 393 meters. The maximum draught is 14.3 meters. The maximum deadweight is 154,792t.

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