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Lobitos (PELOB)

Lobitos, Piura Region, Peru

Port Code PELOB / PEPLO Port Name Lobitos
City Lobitos Country/Region Peru
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -4.4333333 Longitude -81.3
Lobitos port (Port Code:PELOB) is a private port owned by the Antamina Mining Co for the export of copper and zinc concentrates. It is located in the far north of Peru, 300km north of Lima, 140km south of Chimbote, and 1km west of the town of Huarmey. Vessels moor to buoys a few metres off a short "T" jetty and load from a slewing conveyor system which is only capable of loading one hold at a time. Vessels must shift on buoys to load all holds. Max size: LOA 195m, beam 32.2m, no draught restriction, 50,000DWT.

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