Port List by country name starting with A

Port Name Port Code City Category Country
Andorra la Vella ADALV  Dry Port Andorra la Vella City Port Andorra
Kabul AFBUL  Dry Port Kabul City Port Afghanistan
Herat AFHEA  Dry Port Herat City Port Afghanistan
Islam Qala AFISL  Dry Port Islam Qala City Port Afghanistan
Antigua AGANT Feeder Port  Antigua City Port Antigua and Barbuda
St John's,AG AGSJO Feeder Port  St John's City Port Antigua and Barbuda
Durres ALDRZ Feeder Port  Durres City Port Albania
Sarande ALSAR Feeder Port  Sarande City Port Albania
Shengjin ALSHG Feeder Port  Shengjin City Port Albania
Tirana ALTIA  Dry Port Tirana City Port Albania
Vlore ALVOA Feeder Port  Vlore City Port Albania
Yerevan AMYER  Dry Port Yerevan City Port Armenia
Ambriz AOABZ Feeder Port  Ambriz City Port Angola
Benguela AOBUG Feeder Port  Benguela City Port Angola
Cabinda AOCAB Feeder Port  Cabinda City Port Angola
Luanda AOLAD Feeder Port  Luanda City Port Angola
Lobito AOLOB Feeder Port  Lobito City Port Angola
Malongo AOMAL Feeder Port  Malongo City Port Angola
Namibe AOMSZ Feeder Port  Namibe City Port Angola
Sumbe AONDD Feeder Port  Sumbe City Port Angola
Novo Redondo(Sumbe) AONRE Feeder Port  Sumbe Port Angola
Porto Amboim AOPBN Feeder Port  Porto Amboim City Port Angola
Porto Alexandre(Tombwa) AOPLE Feeder Port  Porto Alexandre(Tombwa) City Port Angola
Soyo AOSOY Feeder Port  Soyo City Port Angola
Bahia Blanca ARBHI Feeder Port  Bahia Blanca City Port Argentina
Buenos Aires ARBUEMain Port   Buenos Aires City Port Argentina
Comodoro Rivadavia ARCDR Feeder Port  Comodoro Rivadavia City Port Argentina
Campana ARCMP Feeder Port  Campana City Port Argentina
Puerto Concepcion Del Uruguay ARCON Feeder Port  Puerto Concepcion Del Uruguay City Port Argentina
Cordoba ARCOR  Dry Port Cordoba City Port Argentina
Caleta Olivia ARCVI Feeder Port  Caleta Olivia City Port Argentina
Diamante ARDME Feeder Port  Diamante City Port Argentina
Ibicuy ARIBI Feeder Port  Ibicuy City Port Argentina
La Plata ARLPG Feeder Port  La Plata City Port Argentina
Mar del Plata ARMDQ Feeder Port  Mar del Plata City Port Argentina
Mendoza ARMEN  Dry Port Mendoza City Port Argentina
Necochea ARNEC Feeder Port  Necochea City Port Argentina
San Antonio Oeste AROES Feeder Port  San Antonio Oeste City Port Argentina
Puerto Acevedo ARPAC Feeder Port  Acevedo City Port Argentina
Punta Colorada ARPCO Feeder Port  San Antonio Oeste Port Argentina
Puerto Madryn ARPMY Feeder Port  Puerto Madryn City Port Argentina
Punta Quilla ARPQU Feeder Port  Punta Quilla City Port Argentina
Puerto Deseado ARPUD Feeder Port  Puerto Deseado City Port Argentina
Quequen ARQQN Feeder Port  Quequen City Port Argentina
Ramallo ARRAM  Dry Port Ramallo City Port Argentina
Recalada ARRCA Feeder Port  Mar del Plata Port Argentina
Rio Grande ARRGA Feeder Port  Rio Grande City Port Argentina
Rio Gallegos ARRGL Feeder Port  Rio Gallegos City Port Argentina
Rosario ARROS  Dry Port Rosario City Port Argentina
Santa Cruz ARRZA Feeder Port  Puerto Santa Cruz City Port Argentina
San Antonio Este ARSAE Feeder Port  San Antonio Este City Port Argentina
Santa Fe ARSFE  Dry Port Ciudad de Santa Fe City Port Argentina
San Nicolas de Los Arroyos ARSNS Feeder Port  San Nicolas de Los Arroyos City Port Argentina
San Pedro ARSPD Feeder Port  San Pedro City Port Argentina
San Sebastian ARSSN Feeder Port  San Sebastian City Port Argentina
San Julian ARULA Feeder Port  San Julian City Port Argentina
Ushuaia ARUSH Feeder Port  Ushuaia City Port Argentina
Villa Constitucion ARVCO Feeder Port  Villa Constitucion City Port Argentina
Zarate ARZAR Feeder Port  Zarate City Port Argentina
Bregenz ATBRZ  Dry Port Bregenz City Port Austria
Enns ATENA  Dry Port Enns City Port Austria
Graz ATGRZ  Dry Port Graz City Port Austria
Innsbruck ATINN  Dry Port Innsbruck City Port Austria
Klagenfurt ATKLU  Dry Port Klagenfurt City Port Austria
Linz ATLNZ Feeder Port  Linz City Port Austria
Sankt Polten ATSTP  Dry Port Sankt Polten City Port Austria
Salzburg ATSZG  Dry Port Salzburg City Port Austria
Vienna ATVEN  Dry Port Wien City Port Austria
Wolfurt ATWFT  Dry Port Wolfurt City Port Austria
Abbot Bay AUABB Feeder Port  Abbot Bay City Port Australia
Adelaide AUADLMain Port   Adelaide City Port Australia
Albany AU AUALH Feeder Port  Albany City Port Australia
Ardrossan,AU AUARD Feeder Port  Ardrossan,AU City Port Australia
Barrow Island AUBAI Feeder Port  Barrow Island City Port Australia
Bundaberg AUBDG Feeder Port  Bundaberg City Port Australia
Ballast Head AUBHD Feeder Port  Ballast Head City Port Australia
Bell Bay AUBLB Feeder Port  Bell Bay City Port Australia
Brisbane AUBNEMain Port   Brisbane City Port Australia
Ballina AUBNK Feeder Port  Ballina City Port Australia
Bowen AUBOW Feeder Port  Bowen City Port Australia
Broome AUBRO Feeder Port  Broome City Port Australia
Botany Bay AUBTB Feeder Port  Sydney Port Australia
Beauty Point AUBTP   Launceston Port Australia
Busselton AUBUS Feeder Port  Busselton City Port Australia
Bunbury AUBUY Feeder Port  Bunbury City Port Australia
Burnie AUBWT Feeder Port  Burnie City Port Australia
Carnarvon AUCAR Feeder Port  Carnarvon City Port Australia
Canberra AUCBR  Dry Port Canberra City Port Australia
Cape Cuvier AUCCU Feeder Port  Cape Cuvier City Port Australia
Cape Lambert AUCLT Feeder Port  Cape Lambert City Port Australia
Cairns AUCNS Feeder Port  Cairns City Port Australia
Cooktown AUCOO   Cooktown City Port Australia
Dampier AUDAM Feeder Port  Dampier City Port Australia
Derby AUDBY Feeder Port  Derby City Port Australia
Devonport AUDEV Feeder Port  Devonport City Port Australia
Darwin AUDRW Feeder Port  Darwin City Port Australia
Edithburgh AUEDI   Edithburgh City Port Australia
Eden AUEDN Feeder Port  Eden City Port Australia
Esperance AUESP Feeder Port  Esperance City Port Australia
Fremantle AUFRE Feeder Port  Fremantle City Port Australia
Geraldton AUGET Feeder Port  Geraldton City Port Australia
Geelong AUGEX Feeder Port  Geelong City Port Australia
Gladstone AUGLT Feeder Port  Gladstone City Port Australia
Gove AUGOV Feeder Port  Gove City Port Australia
Groote Eylandt AUGTE  Dry Port Groote Eylandt City Port Australia
Hay Point AUHAY Feeder Port  Hay Point City Port Australia
Hobart AUHBA Feeder Port  Hobart City Port Australia
Innisfail AUINN Feeder Port  Innisfail City Port Australia
Kingscote AUKTE   Kingscote City Port Australia
Kwinana AUKWI Feeder Port  Kwinana City Port Australia
Launceston AULAU Feeder Port  Launceston City Port Australia
Lucinda AULCC Feeder Port  Lucinda City Port Australia
Maryborough AUMAR Feeder Port  Maryborough City Port Australia
Melbourne AUMELMain Port   Melbourne City Port Australia
Mackay AUMKY Feeder Port  Mackay City Port Australia
Mourilyan AUMOU Feeder Port  Innisfail Port Australia
Newcastle AUNTL Feeder Port  Newcastle City Port Australia
Port Giles AUPGI Feeder Port  Port Giles City Port Australia
Port Hedland AUPHE Feeder Port  Port Hedland City Port Australia
Port Jackson AUPJA Feeder Port  Jackson City Port Australia
Port Kembla AUPKE Feeder Port  Wollongong Port Australia
Port Latta AUPLA Feeder Port  Savage River Port Australia
Portland,AU AUPLD Feeder Port  Portland City Port Australia
Port Lincoln AUPLO Feeder Port  Port Lincoln City Port Australia
Port Macguarie AUPMA   Newcastle Port Australia
Port Pirie AUPPI Feeder Port  Port Pirie City Port Australia
Port Macquarie AUPQQ Feeder Port  Port Macquarie City Port Australia
Port Stanvac AUPST   Adelaide Port Australia
Perth AUPTH Feeder Port  Perth City Port Australia
Port Augusta AUPUG Feeder Port  Port Augusta City Port Australia
Port Walcott AUPWA Feeder Port  Port Walcott City Port Australia
Risdon AURIS Feeder Port  Hobart Port Australia
Rockhampton AUROC Feeder Port  Rockhampton City Port Australia
Rapid Bay AURPB Feeder Port  Rapid Bay City Port Australia
Stanley,AU AUSTA   Stanley City Port Australia
Strahan AUSTR Feeder Port  Strahan City Port Australia
Sydney AUSYDMain Port   Sydney City Port Australia