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Adelaide (AUADL)

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Port Code AUADL / AUPAE Port Name Adelaide
City Adelaide Country/Region Australia SA
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Latitude -34.806839 Longitude 138.5082015
Adelaide Port (port code: AUADL) is the major cargo handling centre of Australia. It is situated 14 kilometers northwest of Adelaide on the Port River.
The port consists of an inner harbour and an outer harbour. The inner harbour has modern facilities for the import of timber, refined petroleum, sulphur, fertilizer, paper products, iron and steel, and motor vehicles. It handles roll-on/roll-off and bulk cargoes that include meat, grains, fruit, wool, malt, soda ash, cement clinker, iron and steel scrap, non-ferrous metals, tallow, and a wide range of manufactured goods. The outer harbour contains intermodal facilities to integrate the container terminal with the country’s rail and road networks. It contains six berths equipped to handle specialized cargoes including motor vehicles, roll-on/roll-off and general cargo, and livestock.
The container terminal in the outer harbor is an efficient state-of-the-art facility for container cargo. It covers 23 hectares and has warehouse space of 3000 square meters on dock. It is capable of handling 250 thousand lifts per year at a quay of 510 meters.
The port handles approximately 9.72 million tons of cargo and 219,000TEU annually. The main imports entering this port include timber, phosphate rock, sulphur, refined petroleum, limestone, super phosphates, paper and paper products, textile yarns and fabric, iron and steel, motor vehicles and parts. The principal exports leaving this port are livestock, meat, wheat, barley, wine, malt, fruit, wool, cement clinker, iron and steel scrap, tallow and non-ferrous metals, motor vehicles.
Each year about 1,110 vessels visit this port, among which around 56% are sailing vessels, and 27% are cargo vessels. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 337 meters. The maximum draught is 13.2 meters. The maximum deadweight is 117,247t.

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