Villa Constitucion (ARVCO)

Port Code ARVCO / ARVCN City Villa Constitucion
Port Name Villa Constitucion Country/Region Argentina
Category Port City Route SOUTH AMERICA EAST
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Villa Constitucion (ARVCO)



      Ports along the Parana River in Argentina. When the west 4 standard is adopted. The maximum draft is 8.2m. The loading density of water is 1000. There is no tidal change. There is no prevailing wind direction. Forced pilotage. Communication link radio VHF channels 12, 14, 16 and isq radio 38-477khz.

      Working hours: 6:00-18:00, can work overtime. There are railways in the port and the nearest airport is in Rosario, 48 kilometers away.

      The service facilities provided by the city include ship repair, fueling, towing, fresh water, provision, repatriation, dry dock, boat and sewage disposal. The approach channel is 2 km long, with little accumulation. There is a good anchorage outside the fairway. There are 4 wharf areas and 10 berths in the port area. There are two berths at the grain terminal for bulk and bagged grain. The loading speed is 700 tons per hour, and the grain bin capacity is 20.5 tons. There are four berths in new port, discharging iron ore at a speed of 700 tons per hour. There are two berths in Acevedo port for the shipment of acimder steel products, such as iron wire, steel bar, steel pipe and strip. Acimder's steel plant also has its own dock and runs 24 hours a day.

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Summary of ARVCO

Villa Constitucion Port (Port Code: ARVCO) is a port lying on the River Parana, 43 km. southeastern of Rosario and 240 km. northwestern of Buenos Aires. It is a river port with bulk grain facilities in Villa Constitucion, and iron ore and steel product facilities in Puerto Acevedo. It consists of 2 main berthing areas. The port has facilities for loading grain and is equipped with extensive storage facilities. There are several industrial plants near the port. The port is a busy hub for trade.