List of Ports by Country Name - T

Port Code Port Name Port Type City Country/Region
CFBGF Bangui   Dry Port Bangui The Central African Republic
CGBZV Brazzaville  Feeder Port  Brazzaville The Republic of Congo
CGDJE Djeno Terminal  Feeder Port  Pointe Noire The Republic of Congo
CGPNR Pointe Noire  Feeder Port  Pointe Noire The Republic of Congo
TGKPE Kpeme  Feeder Port  Lome Togo
TGLFW Lome Main Port   Lome Togo
THBKK Bangkok Main Port   Bangkok Thailand
THBMT Bangkok BMT  Feeder Port  Bangkok Thailand
THBSP Bang Saphan   Dry Port Bang Saphan Thailand
THCNX Chiang Mai   Dry Port Chiang Mai Thailand
THECT Bangkok ECT  Feeder Port  Bangkok Thailand
THHDY Hatyai   Dry Port Hatyai Thailand
THHKT Phuket  Feeder Port  Phuket Thailand
THKAN Kantang  Feeder Port  Kantang Thailand
THKHA Khanom  Feeder Port  Khanom Thailand
THKLO Klong Toey   Dry Port Bangkok Thailand
THKRV Krabi  Feeder Port  Krabi Thailand
THKSI Ko Sichang  Feeder Port  Ko Sichang Thailand
THLCH Laem Chabang Main Port   Laem Chabang Thailand
THLKR Lat Krabang   Dry Port Bangkok Thailand
THNAW Narathiwat  Feeder Port  Narathiwat Thailand
THPAK Paknam  Feeder Port  Paknam Thailand
THPAN Pattani  Feeder Port  Pattani Thailand
THPAT Bangkok PAT   Dry Port Bangkok Thailand
THRYG Rayong  Feeder Port  Rayong Thailand
THSAT Sattahip  Feeder Port  Pattaya Thailand
THSCS Sahathai  Feeder Port  Bangkok Thailand
THSCT Bangkok SCT  Feeder Port  Bangkok Thailand
THSGK Songkhla  Feeder Port  Songkhla Thailand
THSIR Si Racha  Feeder Port  Si Racha Thailand
THTPT Bangkok TPT  Feeder Port  Bangkok Thailand
THUCT Bangkok (Unithai)  Feeder Port  Bangkok Thailand
TJDUS Dushanbe   Dry Port Dushanbe Tajikistan
TJKHU Khujand   Dry Port Khujand Tajikistan
TMASH Ashkabad   Dry Port Ashgabat Turkmenistan
TMBAL Balkanabat   Dry Port Balkanabat Turkmenistan
TMTUR Turkmenbashi  Feeder Port  Turkmenbashi Turkmenistan
TNAST Ashtart Terminal  Feeder Port  Sfax Tunisia
TNBIZ Bizerte  Feeder Port  Bizerte Tunisia
TNGAE Gabes  Feeder Port  Gabes Tunisia
TNLGO La Goulette  Feeder Port  La Goulette Tunisia
TNLSK La Skhirra  Feeder Port  La Skhirra Tunisia
TNMBA Menzel Bourguiba  Feeder Port  Menzel Bourguiba Tunisia
TNRAD Rades  Feeder Port  Tunis Tunisia
TNSFA Sfax  Feeder Port  Sfax Tunisia
TNSUS Sousse  Feeder Port  Sousse Tunisia
TNTUN Tunis Main Port   Tunis Tunisia
TONEI Neiafu  Feeder Port  Neiafu Tonga
TOPAN Pangai  Feeder Port  Pangai Tonga
TOTBU Nukualofa  Feeder Port  Nuku'alofa Tonga
TRADA Adana   Dry Port Adana Turkey
TRALA Alanya  Feeder Port  Alanya Turkey
TRALI Aliaga Main Port   Izmir Turkey
TRAMA Amasra  Feeder Port  Amasra Turkey
TRAMB Ambarli  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRANK Ankara   Dry Port Ankara Turkey
TRASR Kayseri   Dry Port Kayseri Turkey
TRASY Asyaport  Feeder Port  Tekirdag Turkey
TRAVC Avcilar  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRAYT Antalya  Feeder Port  Antalya Turkey
TRAYV Ayvalik  Feeder Port  Ayvalik Turkey
TRBAN Bandirma  Feeder Port  Bandirma Turkey
TRBTZ Bursa, TR   Dry Port Bursa Turkey
TRCID Cide    Cide Turkey
TRCKZ Canakkale  Feeder Port  Canakkale Turkey
TRDIK Dikili  Feeder Port  Dikili Turkey
TRDIL Diliskelesi  Feeder Port  Diliskelesi Turkey
TRDOR Dortyol  Feeder Port  Dortyol Turkey
TRDRC Derince  Feeder Port  Derince Turkey
TREDI Edincik  Feeder Port  Bandirma Turkey
TRERE Eregli  Feeder Port  Eregli Turkey
TREYP Evyap,TR  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRFAT Fatsa  Feeder Port  Fatsa Turkey
TRFET Fethiye  Feeder Port  Fethiye Turkey
TRFIN Finike  Feeder Port  Finike Turkey
TRGEL Gelibolu  Feeder Port  Gelibolu Turkey
TRGEM Gemlik  Feeder Port  Gemlik Turkey
TRGIR Giresun  Feeder Port  Giresun Turkey
TRGOC Gocek  Feeder Port  Gocek Turkey
TRGOR Gorele  Feeder Port  Gorele Turkey
TRGUL Gulluk  Feeder Port  Gulluk Turkey
TRGZT Gaziantep   Dry Port Gaziantep Turkey
TRHAY Haydarpasa  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRHER Hereke  Feeder Port  Hereke Turkey
TRHOP Hopa  Feeder Port  Hopa Turkey
TRINE Inebolu  Feeder Port  Inebolu Turkey
TRISK Iskenderun  Feeder Port  Iskenderun Turkey
TRIST Istanbul Main Port   Istanbul Turkey
TRIZM Izmir  Feeder Port  Izmir Turkey
TRIZT Izmit Main Port   Izmit Turkey
TRKMX KUMPORT  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRKOR Izmit Korfezi  Feeder Port  Izmir Turkey
TRKUS Kusadasi  Feeder Port  Kusadasi Turkey
TRKYA Konya   Dry Port Konya Turkey
TRMAR Mardas  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRMAT Marport  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRMER Mersin Main Port   Mersin Turkey
TRMPT MARPORT  Feeder Port  Istanbul Turkey
TRMRM Marmaris  Feeder Port  Marmaris Turkey
TRMUD Mudanya  Feeder Port  Mudanya Turkey
TRNEM Nemrut Bay  Feeder Port  Nemrut Bay Turkey
TRORD Ordu  Feeder Port  Ordu Turkey
TRRIZ Rize  Feeder Port  Rize Turkey
TRSIC Sinop  Feeder Port  Sinop Turkey
TRSSX Samsun  Feeder Port  Samsun Turkey
TRTAS Tasucu  Feeder Port  Tasucu Turkey
TRTEK Tekirdag Main Port   Tekirdag Turkey
TRTIR Tirebolu  Feeder Port  Tirebolu Turkey
TRTUT Tutunciftlik  Feeder Port  Korfez Turkey
TRTZX Trabzon  Feeder Port  Trabzon Turkey
TRUNY Unye  Feeder Port  Unye Turkey
TRUVK Gebze  Feeder Port  Gebze Turkey
TRYAR Yarimca Main Port   Korfez Turkey
TRZON Zonguldak  Feeder Port  Zonguldak Turkey
TTBRI Brighton,TT  Feeder Port  Brighton,TT Trinidad and Tobago
TTCHA Chaguaramas  Feeder Port  Chaguaramas Trinidad and Tobago
TTGAP Galeota Point  Feeder Port  Galeota Point Trinidad and Tobago
TTPAP Pointe A Pierre  Feeder Port  Pointe A Pierre Trinidad and Tobago
TTPFN Point Fortin  Feeder Port  Point Fortin Trinidad and Tobago