Edincik (TREDI)

Port Code TREDI / TREDK City Bandirma
Port Name Edincik Country/Region Turkey
Category Port Route THE BLACK SEA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Edincik (TREDI)



      Port on the coast of Marmara, Turkey.The time zone is east 2.The maximum allowable tonnage of vessels entering the port is 5000 DWT.The loading density of water is 1025.The tidal range is 0.31 M.Prevailing wind direction: change.Compulsory pilotage. The pilot arrived here from banderma.VHF channel 16 is used for communication between ships and ports.Working hours: 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00.No ship repair, dry dock, towing, sewage facilities.Fresh water, food, fuel, supplies and medical conditions are available.There are boats and repatriation facilities.This is a cement berth.There are five mooring piles with enough berthing depth for mooring, and the berth can accommodate 5000 DWT vessels.

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Summary of TREDI

Edincik port (port code: TREDI / TREDK) is a port on the southern coast of Marmara, Turkey. It is located approximately 10 kilometers west of Bandirma.
The port has a Colemanite loading berth where loading is effected by conveyor. Vessels have to shift in order to load cargo in all the hatches. Five dolphins exist in front of the conveyor house and in enough deep water for shifting ship.
The port has facilities for handling break bulk, liquid and dry bulk. The main cargo handled include general cargo, ore, coal and vegetable oil.