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La Goulette (TNLGO)

La Goulette, Tunis Governorate, Tunisia

Port Code TNLGO / TNLGN Port Name La Goulette
City La Goulette Country/Region Tunisia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
La Goulette Port(Port Code:TNLGO) is one of the most popular destinations in the western basin of the Mediterranean.
The port of La Goulette is the converging point of the main Tunisian road and railroad networks. It is the outlet for a region that is the richest historically, the most diversified culturally, and the most populated, since it comprises the city and the suburbs of Tunis.
In addition to its transit and cruise activities, the port of La Goulette also receives ships carrying homogeneous cargos: cars, bulk cereals, various products. However, the development plan of the port provides for its specialization as a port exclusively reserved for passenger and tourist traffic.

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