Pointe Noire Port (CGPNR)

Port Code CGPNR City Pointe Noire
Port Name POINTE NOIRE Country/Region The Republic of Congo
Category Port City Route WEST AFRICA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Pointe Noire Port (CGPNR)


The Port of Pointe Noire is located in Pointe Noire, the southern tip of the western coast of the Republic of Congo (Congo for short).

Pointe Noire is located at the southern end of the western coast of Congo, on the east side of the Atlantic Ocean, and is the largest seaport in Congo. As early as 1922, it developed rapidly due to the construction of the Atlantic Railway to the capital Brazzaville. Oil and timber are the two major economic pillars of Congo. Congo is rich in oil resources, with reserves of 1 billion tons. It is called the "black gold" of Congo. The area along the Atlantic coast near Pointe Noire, where oil fields are mainly distributed, ranks fourth in Africa in oil production. The port has an oil refinery with an annual oil refining capacity of 100 tons. Timber is Congo’s second largest resource after oil. The forest area accounts for about 2/3 of the country's area, and the annual output reaches 350,000 to 400,000 cubic meters. There are dozens of species of wood, including precious woods such as Okume, mahogany and mahogany, which are well-known in the international market. Due to the above two incomes, the per capita GDP of Congo is relatively high and it is one of the rich countries in West Africa. The transportation is developed, with a transatlantic railroad of 510km long from east to west, which is the most important transportation trunk line in Congo. About 70% of the railway freight volume is the transit materials of neighboring countries. In addition, highways also play an important role. The port is about 6km away from the international airport , and there are regular flights to various places every day. 

The port has a tropical rainforest climate. The annual average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius. The annual average rainfall is about 2000mm. The spring tide rises 1.8m, and the small tide rises 0.2m. Loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, floating cranes, truck cranes, portable cranes, loader, forklifts, belt conveyors and tugs, among which the maximum lifting capacity of the floating crane is 65 tons, and the maximum lifting capacity is 50 tons. Tons, the maximum power of the tug is 1334kW, and there are oil pipelines with a diameter of 152.4~304.8mm for loading and unloading. The port area has an oil depot with a capacity of 15,000 cubic meters. The wharf can berth ships of up to 65,000 deadweight tons. There is also an offshore berth that can berth 120,000 dwt oil tankers. Loading and unloading efficiency: 875 cubic meters of fuel per hour, and 1,300 tons of ore per hour. The annual cargo throughput is about 10 million tons. The main export goods are palm oil, tobacco, wood, rubber, sheet, cotton and cottonseed, etc. The main imported goods are copper ore, syrup, coffee, iron, manganese sand and daily consumer goods. During holidays, homework can be arranged if necessary, but overtime must be charged.

Port Noire Information

The Port of Bolori has carried out extensive work for the modernization and extension of the Congo (DRC) terminal. In order to support the development of container terminals, more than 350 job opportunities have been created.

The investment plan implemented since the start of the concession has helped to optimize the capacity of the terminal. A new information system was deployed and a new 270m wharf was built with a draft of -15m. The container yard has been refurbished and expanded in order to increase the number and support national and sub-regional growth.

The work carried out at the Port of Bolor has made the Congo terminal a real transshipment platform for Central Africa and a port of entry in the Congo Basin.

Congo Terminal Technical Specifications

  • Total dock length: 800 meters
  • Draft:-15 meters
  • Container yard: more than 17 hectares
  • Equipment: STS (Ship to Shore Gantry): 4 / MHC (Mobile Port Crane): 3 / RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantry): 2 / Reachstackers: 26
  • Theoretical annual production capacity: 1.2 million TEUs
  • 500 dedicated for reefer containers (reefer containers)
  • Terminal Operating System: Oscar

Service Information

  • Continuous loading and unloading: 24 h / 24,365 days per year
  • Parking: 24/7

Focus on Pointe Noire Port

  • General wharf length: 1300 meters
  • Port supply equipment, ship wastewater treatment service

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Summary of CGPNR

Pointe-Noire (Port Code:CGPNR) is the principal port of the Congo. Pointe-Noire is situated at the head of Baie de Pointe Noire, 150km north of the mouth of the River Congo. There are facilities for general cargo, timber, manganese ore and oil. There is an oilfield support base which serves the local offshore oil terminals (see separate entries). Approx 647 vessels visit the port and 2,840,000t of cargo are handled annually. Max size: LOA 232m, draught 10.4m.