Nukualofa Port (TOTBU)

Port Code TOTBU City Nuku'alofa
Port Name NUKUALOFA Country/Region Tonga
Category Port City Route SOUTH PACIFIC
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Nukualofa Port (TOTBU)


      Nukualofa is the seat of the royal government and royal family of Tonga. It is also Tonga's largest city, industrial and commercial center, transportation hub and distribution center of import and export goods. The port can berth ten thousand ton ships. The city street is built along the seashore. Export coconut, banana, etc. There are coconut processing industry and weaving handicraft industry. There are regular sea and air routes to contact the islands in the southern Pacific and New Zealand.
      Nuku'alofa, the capital of Tonga, is located on tongatab Island, Tonga's largest archipelago. Nukualofa is close to the harbor, with beautiful scenery, green land and blooming flowers. More than 1000 years of Dynasty history has left many historic sites in Nuku alofa City, which adds a humanistic atmosphere to the city. The most eye-catching ancient building in Nukualofa is the royal palace built in 1867. The red roof and white main body make this three story building look grand and elegant. The successive monarchs of Tonga hold the coronation ceremony here. The palace arch "haanmenga" on the outskirts of Nukualofa was built with three huge stones. This still seems to be a grand project, which was built by Tongans under extremely poor production conditions 1200 years ago. The sundial, marked with astronomical data such as the time of sunrise, is made of 40 tons of huge stones, which is the embodiment of Tongan people's astronomical knowledge.

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Summary of TOTBU

Ports of Nuku'alofa (Port Code:TOTBU) is the Kingdom of Tonga's leading port, on the main island of Tongatapu, serving the country’s vital international trades through a broad range of cargo handling and logistics services. The Ports Authority manages and maintains the operations and assets of the ports, encouraging the development of commercially viable and efficient ports in Tonga.
Nuku'alofa is situated on the north coast of Tongatapu Island. Nuku'alofa is the principal port of Tonga and a port of entry. Coral reefs extend up to 9.0nm off the north coast and other isolated banks and shoals lie within 5.0nm farther north. Several islands and islets lie on the reefs in the close approaches to the harbour. The port handles Ro-Ro, container, breakbulk and cruise vessels. Approx 195 commercial vessels (excluding yachts and warships) use the port annually. Largest vessels handled: At anchor: Cruise liner "Queen Elizabeth 2", LOA 294m, draught 12.2m. Alongside: Cruise liner "Aurora", cargo vessel "Pacific Islander II".

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