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Istanbul (TRIST)

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Port Code TRIST / TRISA Port Name Istanbul
City Istanbul Country/Region Turkey
Port Type Main Port Category Port City
Istanbul port (port code: TRIST) is the principal port of Turkey, consisting several ports that make up three main sections: Inner port, Middle port and Outer port. Outer port is divided into two parts. The south part lies between the south limit of the port and the south limit of the Middle Port and the north part lies between the north limit of Middle Port and the north limit of the port.
Containing two large piers with 21 berths, which specialize in handling dry bulk and general cargo, the port handles approximately 207,20 passengers and 835 vessels per year. The types of vessels regularly calling at the port are pleasure craft (27%), fishing (19%), passenger (17%) and general cargo (4%). With a maximum draught 12.9 meters, the maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 300 meters.
The port’s container terminal can handle 1200 vessels a year and 144 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. The terminal offers a storage space of 10 hectares or 6 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. In addition to 31 hectares of open storage and 2 hectares of covered storage, additional area outside the port covers 5.5 hectares with stacking capacity for 52.8 thousand TEUs.

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