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La Skhirra (TNLSK)

La Skhirra, Sfax Governorate, Tunisia

Port Code TNLSK Port Name La Skhirra
City La Skhirra Country/Region Tunisia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
The Port of Skhira (Port code:TNLSK) is a very small port in eastern Tunisia, on the Gulf of Gabes, in Al-Sāḥil region. Skhira, also spelled Al-Ṣukhayrah, Skhira, or Cekhira. La Skhira is one of the six major seaports of Tunisia; it is specialized in handling Algerian and Tunisian petroleum exports. The port is also a pipeline terminal for Al-Dūlāb oil field, in western Tunisia.
The Skhira port is located at about 350 km from the capital Tunis. It has an important infrastructure of storage of crude oil and oil refined products, as well as loading and unloading pipelines. Its port infrastructure is made up of 3 posts on Dukes of Alba (In maritime vocabulary, a Duke of Alba or dolphin - consists of piles of wooden poles, steel tubes, cement blocks - anchored in the bottom of basins or channels, on which a ship can moor or lean in reach, near a lock, in the docks of a seaport).
In 2019, the global traffic of La Skhira port, in hydrocarbons and chemicals 4.7 million tons, consists mainly hydrocarbons and chemical products registering a fall of 18% as compared to 2018.

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