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Lat Krabang (THLKR)

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Port Code THLKR / THLKB Port Name Lat Krabang
City Bangkok Country/Region Thailand
Port Type Dry Port Category Port
Latitude 13.7247 Longitude 100.7669
Lat Krabang Port (Port Code: ITFCO) is the most extensive container depot in Thailand. It was completed in 1995 and started its operations in 1996 with a design capacity of 400,000 TEU per year. It also acts as a customs clearance facility as government agencies (customs, inspection, quarantine) are on site.
The publicly owned facility is designed around the concession governance model. Six modules (A to F) are leased over 10 years to tenants, mostly maritime shipping companies (Evergreen, Hanjin, NYK are tenants). 75% of the containers arrive at the facility by road and 25% by rail. A logistics zone was built in co-location to perform consolidation and deconsolidation of container loads. Chassis storage facilities are also present in the vicinity.

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