Eregli (TRERE)

Port Code TRERE City Eregli
Port Name Eregli Country/Region Turkey
Category Port City Route THE BLACK SEA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Eregli (TRERE)



      Turkey's black coast port.The time zone is east 2.The maximum draught of ships allowed to enter the port is 9.75 meters.The loading density of water is 1025.It is a tidal port.Prevailing wind direction: change.Forced pilotage.VHF channel 16 is used for communication between vessels and Hong Kong.Port holiday: a national and religious holiday in Turkey.Working hours: 24 hours / day.Fresh water, food supplies and medical conditions are available.No fuel supply.There are towing, boat and repatriation facilities.The port is composed of outer port and inner port.The outer port covers an area of more than 5 square kilometers and has a water depth of 13-20 meters. The outer port serves as a shelter. If there is no need, no trade will be conducted;The inner harbor is between two breakwaters. It is composed of two breakwaters. One is called Laogang, with a 810 meter long breakwater.The berths are 625 meters long, but only 250 meters in the East are designated as berths for cargo and passenger ships, and the rest belong to the Navy and coal departments;The second port is the new port, which is owned by erelli steel engineering company.The facility is protected by a 1250 meter long breakwater.The entrance is 140 meters wide and 12 meters deep.The pool is about 270000 square meters, with 450 meters of safe turning space and 11.3 meters of water depth.The safe draft of the vessel shall not exceed 10.6m.There is a 195 meter long unloading dock for unloading coal and iron;One cargo terminal is 172 meters long, which will be expanded by 102.5 meters and equipped with two mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 15 tons.The unloading terminal can accommodate 40000 DWT vessels, and the cargo terminal can accommodate 30000 DWT vessels with draught more than 10.67 meters.

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Summary of TRERE

Eregli port (port code: TRERE) is a medium-sized port in Turkey. It is situated 2 nautical miles south of Cape Oluce Lighthouse, between Cape Baba and Cape Cengel.
The port is comprised of the ports of Erdemir (Erport), TTK Port, Naval Port, Erdem Cement Factory Port and Fisherman's Haven and shipyards, all within the harbour limits. Erport is associated with Eregli iron and steel factories and can handle all types of bulk and general cargoes. TTK Port handles coal, coils and steel bars and profiles. There is also a Ro-Ro rail ferry facility in the port.
The port handles approximately 12 million tons of cargo and 1,350 vessels annually. The types of vessels regularly calling at this port are cargo vessels, accounting for about 65%, and fishing vessels, taking up around 15%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 293 meters. The maximum draught is 14.5 meters. The maximum deadweight is 181,395t.