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Sousse (TNSUS)

Sousse, Sousse Governorate, Tunisia

Port Code TNSUS Port Name Sousse
City Sousse Country/Region Tunisia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Sousse port (Port Code:TNSUS) is an active commercial and fishing port. The port offers a sheltered harbour protected by three breakwaters, the entrance between the breakwaters is 65m in width. Located at the very centre of Tunisia, the port occupies a strategic position with a wide hinterland. Principal imports are timber, cotton, soya bean oil, pellets, wood pulp, grain and exports are salt, olive oil, tyres, textiles and general cargo.
At the Port of Sousse, handling operations are carried out by public and private operators. The private operator is the Group of Handlers of the Center (GMC). Traffic in 2019 was 6% less than 2018: about 20 million tons cars and approximately 830 ships. 170,000 tourists registered at the port of Sousse during the first quarter 2019.

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