Aliaga (TRALI)

Port Code TRALI City Izmir
Port Name Aliaga Country/Region Turkey
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Main Port

Introduction of Aliaga (TRALI)



      Turkish commercial port.Located at the western end of the country, in the Gulf of Izmir, in the west of the port city.It extends 595 nautical miles to port said in the south, 569 nautical miles to Mersin in the East, 509 nautical miles to lemesos, 198 nautical miles to Piraeus in the West and 276 nautical miles to Istanbul in the north.The harbor opens to the northwest, which is divided into new and old harbor areas.The old port area is located in the East and close to the city. It is a natural good bay. It is 1200 meters long and 700 meters wide from east to west. The entrance is only 40 meters wide. The wharves are distributed along the harbor, but the equipment is simple and crude. The water depth of the front is only about 4 meters.10 meters away from the wharf, the water depth can reach more than 7 meters, and the water depth of the access channel can also reach 12.4 meters. At present, there are anchorages in the harbor, which can allow eight ships with a draught of 7.1-9.4 meters to berth at the same time.The new port is located 2 nautical miles west of the old port. It is composed of a jetty extending from the south bank to the north and turning to the East and its east bank.The jetty is 557 meters long and 57 meters wide. The north section is 372 meters long, with two berths on both sides. The water depth is 10.5 meters. It is used for containers and groceries.Two berths outside the south section, 185m in total length and 9.7M in water depth, are used for ocean going passenger ships;The inner side of the berth is 223 meters long and 7 meters deep, which is used for medium-sized general cargo ships;A bulk cargo jetty will be built at the east end, with one ore berth on each side.At present, the annual throughput of goods in Hong Kong is more than 5 million tons, with 70000 TEUs of containers.

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Summary of TRALI

The Port of Aliaga (Port Code:TRALI) lies on the southern shores of the Bay of Aliaga off the Gulf of Candarli about 24 kilometers northwest of Izmir, Turkey. The port authority for the Port of Aliaga is Aliaga Liman Baskanligi . The port mainly consists of oil product terminals and refineries. The Port of Aliaga (Turkish) can accommodate vessels to 250 thousand DWT with maximum length of 338 meters and maximum draft of 16 meters. Tides in the Port of Aliaga range about 0.5 meters.