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Shengjin (ALSHG)

Shengjin, County Lezhe, Albania

Port Code ALSHG Port Name Shengjin
City Shengjin Country/Region Albania
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 41.810925 Longitude 19.58622
Shëngjin Port (Port Code:ALSHG) is the northernmost port of entry to the city of Shëngjin, Albania. Shëngjin is one of many cities within the District of Lezhë and is home to one of Albania's entry ports, Port of Shëngjin. The ports principal export is agricultural produce. There is a ferry terminal for passenger transportation. Ro-Ro is available for passenger vehicles.
The port has about 40 fishing ships, but only about 10 are still active, due to economic factors ( e.g. high cost of diesel, competition from large ships from other parts able to reach not-yet-fished-out areas).

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