Hobart (AUHBA)

Port Code AUHBA City Hobart
Port Name Hobart Country/Region Australia TAS
Category Port City Route AUSTRALIA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Hobart (AUHBA)



      Australian commercial port.Located in the southeast of Tasmania Island, storm Bay, West Bank of Derwent River Estuary, east corner of port city, near the takiman sea.The port area extends from south to north. The wharf is mainly along suliwen small bay. On the south bank is prince's Wharf. There are four berths with a total length of more than 500 meters and a water depth of 7.4-12.4 meters, which are deepened from west to East. They are mainly used for loading and unloading vehicles. Berth 2 is also used for bulk cargo, and there are granary equipment behind;The West Bank is composed of a jetty and a quay along the bank. The main jetty is Elizabeth jetty, 153 meters long and 7-11 meters deep. It is suitable for loading and unloading special vehicles and is commonly used for loading, unloading and storing vehicles. On the north bank is makuoli No.1-3 berth, 497 meters long and 6.2-14.6 meters deep, which gradually deepens from southwest to East,It is often used for loading and unloading of ocean frozen goods;In the north of the port area is makuoli no.4-6 berth, of which No.4 berth is 244 meters long and 12.6 meters deep, used for loading and unloading containers and groceries. No.5 and No.6 berths are 324 meters long and 10.1-13.6 meters deep, mainly used for loading and unloading vehicles.The oil terminal is located in the South Bank of the new bay of the outer port;In addition, in Risdon, three nautical miles north of the new bay, there is a 400 meter wharf of electrolytic zinc company, with a water depth of 10 meters at the front.There are more than 10 deep-water berths in Hong Kong, and the vehicle parking is a feature, mainly between the mainland and the island.Outside the port, the sea route is 470 nautical miles to Melbourne and 635 nautical miles to Sydney.

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Summary of AUHBA

Hobart port (port code: AUHBA) is a medium-sized port in Australia. It is located on the Derwent River in the south of Tasmania.
The port has facilities for general cargo, tanker, container, and bulk cargo vessels. Each year it handles approximately 2,535,000t of cargo, and 628TEU. The main exports from it are timber, fish and general cargo, and the main imports to it include petroleum products, iron and steel products, ores and general cargo.
The port handles about 211 vessels and 20 cruise liners annually. The types of vessels regularly visiting this port are sailing vessels, accounting for 62%; and pleasure craft, taking up 24%. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 231 meters. The maximum draught is 9 meters. The maximum deadweight is 55955t.