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Namibe (AOMSZ)

Namibe, Namibe, Angola

Port Code AOMSZ Port Name Namibe
City Namibe Country/Region Angola
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -15.1925 Longitude 12.1315
The port of Namibe (Port Code:AOMSZ), or port of Moçâmedes, is an Angolan port located in the city of Moçâmedes, in the province of Namibe. It is the largest port in the south of the country. It is built on the banks of the bay of Namibe, a coastal indentation linked to the Atlantic Ocean. The port belongs to the Angolan government, which is responsible for its administration through the public company Empresa Portuária do Namibe.
Together with the ports of Lobito (Benguela), Luanda (Luanda), Soyo (Zaire) and Cabinda (Cabinda), it forms the largest port complexes in the country.The port is the outlet point of the Moçâmedes railway, which carries cargo from the city of Menongue in the Cuando-Cubango Province. Another important outflow connection is made via the EN-100 highway. Emerged as a fishing port in the 15th century, it became a port for slave traffic from the 17th century; it was structured and officially opened on May 24, 1957.

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