Darwin Port (AUDRW)

Port Code AUDRW City Darwin
Port Name DARWIN Country/Region Australia NT
Category Port City Route AUSTRALIA
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Feeder Port

Introduction of Darwin Port (AUDRW)


The Port of Darwin is an Australian commercial port. It is located in the Darwin Bay of Devon Sea in the north of the country, southeast of the port city. There is a low-sea cable to Java Island, Indonesia; the sea route reaches 493 nautical miles from Kupang Port on Tiwen Island and 1891 nautical miles from Singapore Port. The port area is located on the northwest bank of the bay entrance. There are 3 trestle-style wharves: Stokes Hill Wharf. In the east of the port area, there is a 296-meter-long isolated pier from southwest to northeast, and there is an arc-shaped long embankment at the northeast end. Connected to the land and shore, there are 2 berths on the outer side of the wharf with a water depth of 9.75 meters for general cargo ships and passenger ships, and the inner waterline is only 4.5-7.0 meters for small boats. Fort Hill Wharf. The old wharf is a "T"-shaped wharf with a length of 107 meters and a water depth of 7.4 meters for boats. The new wharf is in the shape of an "L" and is located to the west of the old berth. The two water depths are 11.6 meters and the length is 300 meters. The berths are for the import of dry bulk cargo and the loading and unloading of containers, timber, automobiles, and cement. There are also ro-ro ship slopes at both ends of the terminal. Iron ore wharf, west of Fort Hill wharf, a sloping "T" jetty to the southwest. The wharf is 142 meters long and has foundation piles at both ends. It can dock 245 meters long ships and the water depth is 12.2 meters along the side for loading and unloading ore. , Natural gas, oil, trucks, etc.

Darwin Port is a city on the northwest coast of Australia and the capital of Northern Australia. It has geographic coordinates of 12°27′0″S 130°50′0″E and an area of ​​112 square kilometers.

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Summary of AUDRW

Darwin port (port code: AUDRW) is the main port of Australia’s Northern Territory. It is situated on the south coast of Beagle Gulf, in the Timor Sea.
The port provides easy access to the capital city of the Northern Territory and other Australian states. It handles more than 3.7 million tons of cargo and 9,000TEU annually. The principal cargo handled are zinc and lead concentrate, LNG, containers, livestock and fodder.
Each year approximately 1,625 vessels visit this port, among which about 14% are fishing vessels, 10% are LNG tankers, and 8% are sailing vessels. The maximum length of the vessels recorded to having entered this port is 300 meters. The maximum draught is 12 meters. The maximum deadweight is 95,785t.