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Necochea (ARNEC)

Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Port Code ARNEC Port Name Necochea
City Necochea Country/Region Argentina
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -38.5736 Longitude -58.714715
Necochea port (Port Code:ARNEC) is situated at the mouth of the river Quequén. Necochea occupying the right bank and Quequén the left bank. In 2011, 283 ocean going vessels called. Trade consists mainly of exports of soybeans, wheat (mainly to Brazil), maize, sunflower seed pellets and vegetable oil. A total of 5,6 million ton of grain and agri by-products were exported in 2011. Shipments of wood chips have dropped due to the local wood chip plant is presently not operating. Imports are almost entirely confined to the reception of bulk. There is an anteport immediately inside the breakwaters and there are 13 berths along the riverfront (seven on the Quequén side and six on the Necochea). The least width in the anteport is approximately 500 m; anchoring is not allowed.
The port has two protecting breakwaters, the northern breakwater measuring 572 m and the southern breakwater to 1594 m, providing protection from the southern swell. The entrance between breakwaters is 220 meters wide and the channel is dredged to average depth of 13,70 m (45 ft) (July 2012) in a width of 120 m. It is proposed in the near future to shorten the northern breakwater by 50 m.

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