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Vienna (ATVEN)

Wien, Vienna State, Austria

Port Code ATVEN Port Name Vienna
City Wien Country/Region Austria
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
The Port of Vienna (Port Code: ATVEN) is a medium-sized river port located in Vienna, Austria. Owned by Wiener Hafen Management GmbH, it is the largest Austrian river port and one of the largest ports on the Danube River, with a total annual traffic capacity of around 12 million tonnes of cargo. It spans a surface area of approximately 350 hectares, and consists of three cargo port.
In 2007 the Port of Vienna handled 12 million tonnes of cargo and 4,371 vessels. 323,000 TEU made it the busiest cargo and container port in Austria and one of the largest in Central Europe. Besides, with its expertise in waste collection and waste treatment, the Port of Vienna plays a significant role for sustainable transport in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

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