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Sarande (ALSAR)

Sarande, County Vlore, Albania

Port Code ALSAR Port Name Sarande
City Sarande Country/Region Albania
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 39.866 Longitude 20.004
Sarande (Saranda) port (Port Code:ALSAR) is regarded as the 'gateway' to Southern Albania. It is situated on the SW coast of Albania, facing the island of Corfu. As of 2012, the port is undergoing an expansion to include a cruise line terminal. Stemming from the small size of the port, cruise lines cannot dock at the port. Instead, a fast boat serves tourists back and forth between cruises and the port. Large vessels currently dock outside the port area. Strong winds from a southerly quadrant make the harbour untenable and from an easterly one extremely uncomfortable, since there is a fetch of a mile across the bay.

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