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Pakistan International Container Terminal (PKPCT)

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Port Code PKPCT Port Name Pakistan International Container Terminal
City Karachi Country/Region Pakistan
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port
Latitude 24.8472 Longitude 67.0007
Pakistan International Container Terminal (Port Code: PKPCT) is a container terminal port, located at East Wharf of the Port of Karachi. It lies on a strategic point along the 600-mile long coastline which stretches from the straits of Hormuz to the border with India: an ideal location close to major shipping routes such as the Straits of Hormuz. The port is a subport of the larger Karachi Port in the country’s largest metropolitan city. It handles 85% of the Arabian/Persian Gulf market including industrial scrap which are already given clearance via PICT gate. The exports mainly include pure, extra-long-grain aromatic Basmati rice.

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