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Talara (PETYL)

Talara, Piura Region, Peru

Port Code PETYL Port Name Talara
City Talara Country/Region Peru
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -4.5655165 Longitude -81.27935
Talara Port (Port Code: PETYL) is a port situated in the extreme northern part of Peru in Talara Bay. The port is a lighterage port for the discharge of general cargo, with two piers for handling tankers. It is principally used by the refinery for handling crude from offshore fields, petroleum products and LPG, solid products and general cargo. The nearby port of Negritos has an offshore oil terminal at Punta Parinas for vessels up to 24,000DWT loading crude oil. Approximately 190 vessels visit Talara port annually. It also handles passenger ships.

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