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San Fernando,PH (PHSFE)

San Fernando, Ilocos Region, Philippines

Port Code PHSFE Port Name San Fernando,PH
City San Fernando Country/Region Philippines
Port Type Dry Port Category Port City
Latitude 16.62464 Longitude 120.29945
San Fernando Port (Port Code:PHSFE) serves San Fernando City in the province of La Union and its surrounding area. It caters to vessels to and from Manila. It is located on the E shore of the Lingayen Gulf, on the W coast of Luzon Island and approx 270km N of Manila with just 4 kilometers distance from the center of the city or approximately 10 minutes with light traffic. 
A variety of different kinds of ships are available for passenger journeys ranging from pump boats & fastcrafts for short journeys to ferries & ships for longer journeys.

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