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Pacasmayo (PEPAC)

Pacasmayo, La Libertad Region, Peru

Port Code PEPAC Port Name Pacasmayo
City Pacasmayo Country/Region Peru
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude -7.4 Longitude -79.583333
Pacasmayo port (Port Code:PEPAC) is a lighterage port which handles shipment of minerals, tara powder and rice, and imports fertilisers, paraffin wax and general cargo. It became a very important port for the boats exporting tobacco to Chile and also for exporting other goods, like fish or guano from the islands. It is located in the north part of Peru in the La Libertad area. The initial length of the deck was 773 metre, but 3 bigger swells during the early 1900s and one in 2015 (when even Laird Hamilton visited Pacasmayo for the swell) destroyed a big part of it. Nowadays, there is just 424 metre left, but it still looks such a long pier! Now it is so fragile that only fishermen are allowed to walk over the deck to get to their boats.

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