Thanaleng Port (LATHA)

Port Code LATHA City Thanaleng
Port Name THANALENG Country/Region Laos
Nearby Main Port Inland Transport
Official Website Port Type Dry Port

Introduction of Thanaleng Port (LATHA)

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Summary of LATHA

Thanaleng Port (port code: LATHA) is the class one dry port of Lao PDR. It is just 1 kilometer away from the First Friendship Bridge over the Mekong River.
The port is part of the integrated Vientiane Logistics Park, a flagship project to achieve the national logistics strategy with the objective to transform Laos from the land-locked into the land-linked country. It is one of the nine port areas approved in the Intergovernmental Agreement on Dry Port of UNESCAP and the first anbanks of d the only intermodal dry port among the nine ports that is playing the international border role and provide rail/road transshipment facilities.
The port is responsible for being the center of international trading of import and export with all categories of customs system. It has a CFS and warehouse area of 23.9 hectares, a mobile crane of 25/45 tons, and several electric forklifts.