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Liepaja (LVLPX)

Liepaja, Liepaja, Latvia

Port Code LVLPX Port Name Liepaja
City Liepaja Country/Region Latvia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 56.533745 Longitude 20.985225
Port of Liepaja (Port Code:LVLPX) is the third largest port in Liepāja, Latvia. It handled 7 334 261,80 tons of cargo and 39 987 passengers in 2019, making it the third largest port in the country (by territory, number of passengers and amount of cargo handled).
As one of the few non-freezing ports in the region, the Port of Liepaja can provide port services in all seasons and ensures cargo handling twenty-four seven. The port of Liepaja is characterized by the proportion of well-balanced domestic and transit cargo, where 45 to 50% of port cargo turnover consists of agricultural products, building materials, timber, biofuel, etc. 50 - 55% transit cargo from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries.

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