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Kalmar (SEKLR)

Kalmar, Kalmar, Sweden

Port Code SEKLR Port Name Kalmar
City Kalmar Country/Region Sweden
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 56.6605 Longitude 16.3695
Kalmar (Port Code:SEKLR) is a well sheltered port suitably equipped to handle most types of cargoes and medium sized vessels, including cruise ships for which there are two berths. It is situated west of Oland Island on the Kalmarsund, in the Baltic Sea. The port is never closed due to ice. There may, however, be difficulties during Jan-Mar. All ships bound inwards and outwards obtain free icebreaker assistance both in the port and in the Kalmarsund area close to the port.
Exports: Grain, piece goods, sawn timber, forestry products and various bulk cargoes. Imports: Fodders, fertilisers, petroleum, iron products and various other bulk products. Approx 600 vessels and 1,200,000t of cargo handled annually. As the forerunner in port automation, Kalmar offers a wide range of solutions, including process automation and automated container handling systems.

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