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Stockholm (SESTO)

Stockholm, Stockholms, Sweden

Port Code SESTO Port Name Stockholm
City Stockholm Country/Region Sweden
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 59.32705 Longitude 18.10615
Ports of Stockholm (Port Code: SESTO), are located in the Delta area at the intersection of Malaren Lake and the Baltic Sea. Port of Stockholm is the second largest port out of the 12 main ports in Sweden. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and it is oriented as the center in terms of politics, economics, culture and transportation.There are common feeder services carrying containers from Europe main ports to Stockholm.

Port of Stockholm provides the port zone with handling equipment, including cranes for various uses, trucks, trailers, and ro-to facilities. The capacity of the floating crane is 260 tons. There are 5 wharves in Port of Stockholm, The port acreage is 380000 square meters, and the freight yard acreage is approximate to 90000 square meters. In addition, Oil pipelines ranging from 152.4 to 508 mm are addressed as well as 65000 DWT oil tanker is installed for oil handling at the port of Stockholm.

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