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Gizan (SAGIZ)

Gizan, Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Port Code SAGIZ Port Name Gizan
City Gizan Country/Region Saudi Arabia
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 16.91887 Longitude 42.55726
Gizan Port (Port Code:SAGIZ), or Jazan port is the Kingdom's primary gateway for livestock imports from Africa, as Saudi Arabia's third-largest port in designed capacity. Opened in 1976, the port is just 266 nautical miles from the Bab Al Mandab Strait. The port has undergone three development stages that included the building of more berths, levees, a control tower, a power substation, warehouses, fueling stations, a desalination plant, and administrative and residential facilities.
The port has 12 berths; 3 approach channels with assisted guidance to ensure the safety of inbound and outbound vessels; passenger terminals at Jazan Port and Farasan Island. One of the main advantages lie in the proximity to trade routes between Europe, the Far East, the Arabian Gulf, and East Africa.

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