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Norrkoping (SENRK)

Norrkoping, Ostergotland, Sweden

Port Code SENRK Port Name Norrkoping
City Norrkoping Country/Region Sweden
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 58.6 Longitude 16.1997222222
The Port of Norrköping (Port Code:SENRK), on the Baltic Sea coast, about 130 km south of Stockholm, is one of Sweden’s most important gateways for maritime traffic. Approximately half of all Swedes live in east and central Sweden, within a 200 km radius of Norrköping, and this same hinterland contains a major part of the nation’s industrial and manufacturing sector. The port consists of several terminal areas, and the cargo handling is mainly carried out in three main areas, the Inner Harbour, the Öhman Terminal and the Pampus Terminal. These areas are linked to the national road and rail networks.
The Port of Norrköping has a major catchment area for basic industries in trades like paper, pulp, timber, steel, energy, agriculture and high-technological businesses. Already, for some years, Norrköping has been home to a cluster of companies specializing in third-party logistics. They have made good use of Norrköping’s first-rate transport links – including two motorways, a main railway and an international airport – to provide manufacturers and other cargo owners with an ideal base for distributing their products, not only in Sweden but across the Nordic region, including Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States.

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