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Kankesanturai (LKKNK)

Kankesanturai, Northern Province, Sri Lanka

Port Code LKKNK Port Name Kankesanturai
City Kankesanturai Country/Region Sri Lanka
Port Type Feeder Port Category Port City
Latitude 9.816666666666666 Longitude 80.08333333333333
The Port of Kankesanturai (Port Code:LKKNK) is the nearest port for all eastern ports in India, as well as for Myanmar and Bangladesh. Its port is to the north, facing the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. In 2011, India and Sri Lanka signed an agreement to revive the port by clearing sunken ships and deepening the harbour. The Port should significantly lower the transit time of goods to and from the east coast of India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, and propel economic activity in the north. The Kankesanthurai Port (KKS)which is being rehabilitated and developed into a commercial port for the creation of a domestic and regional maritime hub will be completed by end 2023.

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